Posted by: annmucc | October 28, 2009

Fiddles and Accordion – the Irish in London

Some time back we received a facebook event from Jamie (I’ve mentioned him here and here and here): he was playing at the ‘Return to Camden‘ festival, launching a CD with 2 others: Smith:Byrnes:O’Sullivan. No plans on Monday? Nopes! So off we went!

Monday in the festival apparently is launch night. However, before we could hear Jamie and Co another group was up. This was quite a traditional sort of Irish playing meaning that I enjoy it…but it DOES sound quite similar to my untrained ears. ot something I would rave about, but oh well…they were good – I just don’t know how to appreciate it I guess.

Then it was Jamie and Co’s turn to get on stage. Their music, though Irish in style was much different to the previous group, having a drummer in the mix, together with a synth, a guitar, a drum-like player, and a button accordion, together with Jamie on the fiddle (I apologise for my naming of instruments – I am sure I got them wrong!).

My impression? They certainly took Irish music to another level, at least for me…it definitely didn’t sound all the same. I have heard Jamie play before, but not in a ‘formal’ setting, and not with this group of people. I liked it! Now go over to Michael’s blog to listen to them playing (Yes, I’m being lazy :P).


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