Posted by: annmucc | November 2, 2009

Dracula and Whisky…in a Church :)

Yeps…that was an event Michael and I went to last week :). A friend of mine was in town and we should have met up with him for this, but unluckily he couldn’t make it in the end so Michael and I went on alone.

Jameson Whisky has been organising a number of Cult Film Club evenings, where they show a cult film at a venue for free for people with tickets, and with free whisky ;). Michael saw it on the (ever so useful) Ian Visits blog and we managed to get tickets.

This was my first time at the Union Chapel…but WOW what a venue! Especially with the atmosphere set up, and the organ playing, it was like walking into this gothic atmospheric location – the atmosphere created was perfect! On a tip from IanVisits we found a place in the top pews and settled in for the movie as one by one we went to collect our free drinks and popcorn :).

The movie started.

It was my first time watching Dracula…I am not the biggest fan of horror movies, so wasn’t the most excited about this, but seeing as it was from 1958, I must say the horror aspect of it was lost a bit with the much simpler effects available to the director/producer. Also, the acting was not exactly as we have now become used to…in fact, a number of supposedly scary parts  ended up eliciting laughs from the audience more than cries.

Nevertheless, in spite of all this, I really liked the movie! Having seen it in that environment I think I would have been disappointed if I hadn’t gone! So thank you again Michael for dragging me to an event I did not have much hopes for, but for it actually being exactly what I didn’t know I wanted 🙂 (Yes…it seems like most of the more unsuccessful events we’ve been to have been my suggestions…maybe I should leave the planning to him? :-/)

Ahh…and btw…Michael has made a much better effort at this post than me…I know I know…but I have so much to blog about, it is starting to get on top of me…still have the weekend activities to blog about…AND the notes from the last (luckily!…as I DO write too much notes!) Styles in Paintings lecture. Hope they are up in the decent near future…



  1. […] year, following a tip-off from Ian Visits, we had managed to grab two tickets for Dracula at Union Chapel. This year, again on an Ian Visits suggestion, we opted for Quartermass and the Pit, again at Union […]

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