Posted by: annmucc | November 3, 2009

Styles in Paintings

I know I haven’t finished uploading the notes yet, but I thought I’d write a bit about my impression of the course.

So, a bit of background: In the middle of summer I was looking for courses on history of art, as, especially after my visit to Pisa when I got to visit Florence and the rest, I realised that I really needed to brush up on this subject, which I have not touched a lot though it always interested me. So in my search I found a set of courses at the National Gallery on styles in painting. I was interested in attending, but couldn’t find it in me to justify buying them for myself, so I put them on my wish list (yes…Michael’s family function with one, so I have started keeping one).

The part of the course I was mainly interested in originally was the first part, on Medieval and Renaissance art. Michael got me something else for my birthday (which I had been whining about for ages, so I am happy he followed my whining :P) so the first part of the course came and went. However, when Michael’s parents came to visit in October they gave me a birthday gift: registration for part 2 of the course, on Northern Art, Mannerism and the Baroque.

I personally know nothing on Northern art or mannerism, so I wasn’t particularly drawn towards this part of the course. I was more drawn to the first part which I already knew quite a bit about and knew I liked and appreciated. However, oh well, it was the second part I was going to, so I might as well make the best of it! And I wasn’t disappointed! In a way I was wanting to remain in my ‘comfort zone’ of that which I knew. However, learning about Northern art and Mannerism allowed me to start appreciating a different style of art which I didn’t understand. And in hindsight I am so glad that it turned out like this! In fact, when we got to the Baroque, talking about Caravaggio and the like I started getting slightly disappointed that I already knew much of the stuff from art classes and some history of art I have done. The result was therefore good…a very much appreciated gift from my in-laws :D…thanks again!





  1. Yeah to the CAs 😀

  2. @ Cec: 😀

  3. […] that I have added another page. I have finally got round to publishing part of my notes from the Styles in Painting lecture on Baroque Art. Really, there is another half lecture on Baroque art to go, which covers […]

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