Posted by: annmucc | November 8, 2009

A Sunday in Canterbury

It has been a week now since this has happened. However, I have been so busy this past week that I haven’t had time to blog!

Lara had been ‘complaining’ that I haven’t been down to visit her, and she’s the one coming up to London. So last Sunday she was off of work, and Michael and I had no plans, so we decided to all meet up in Canterbury.

We left London in a drizzling rain…and arrived in Canterbury in the pouring rain! Oh well…not the best start to a day of sightseeing!

First up was finding something which was INSIDE. This meant we went off to ‘The Canterbury Tales‘ (also as we had two-for-one vouchers :P). This was a show made up of tableaux, interest to which was drawn by music, lights, and moving parts. We have a couple of these kinds of show in Malta which we used to be taken to see when we were at school…it looked quite an old school show to me…but oh well…we were inside, and we had 2-for-1 tickets :). It was interesting to see anyways.

From the show we then had to figure out what to do. Lara had already been to the cathedral, and needed to do some shopping, so we parted ways for a while with her going to look for a dress, and us to look around the Cathedral. To me the cathedral looked very much like the chapel one at King’s College: but built in the gothic style, with a similar arrangement and a similar feel. They give you this sense of grandeur and make you feel the power of God. I guess that was a part of the reason why they were built.

After the cathedral and the ground (which are a UNESCO world heritage site btw!), we went to the shop were Lara was to look at her findings…and guess what! She had found this gorgeous evening dress for her graduation ball. I’m jealous! It really fit her perfectly! But oh well! I also found a dress I liked, but the other two were not totally sure about it, so I left it there to discuss with my sister and mum when they come to visit (next week!).

By now we were all getting very hungry :). So off we went to find somewhere to eat…and we found this cute little cafe on the main street: Boho. MMM…Lara and I got the roasted pumpkin and sage soup with crusty bread…it was delicious (Michael got a sandwich). Then it was on to dessert. I saw the ladies on the table next to us having this delicious looking one…but what was it? Well…I will have to ask! So that is what I did. It was treacle tart and it was GREAT! The other two got lemon cheesecake. It was all so delicious!

We soon had to be off though as we had planned to go to the Evensong service at the Cathedral. Michael and I had been to the one at King’s College Chapel in Canterbury, but Lara hadn’t been to any. Similar to last time however we were all well impressed with the singing and the atmosphere.

As we exited Lara realised that if she makes that train she could get home by bus for the last part rather than needing to catch a cab…so we ran to the train station…only to be told the train had been cancelled :(. So we walked around the city for an hour and dropped her off at the train station for her to be off home. However, our bus was in around 3hrs. What to do? We found a pub which had board games (woohooo :P) and decided to stop for a drink (and a few games there :P). We played battleship and a 3D Scrabble. I managed to win both games (woohooo), partly because of luck (battleship) and partly because of a wider vocabulary (I have been speaking English from a younger age than Michael).

After these two games however it was soon off to the bus station for our trip back home. Lara has said she might be located there on next year’s rotation…she would definitely get some visitors then again 😉




  1. did you see my sister too? 😛

  2. Canterbury is cute ^^ Hekk, a lovely little place 🙂

  3. @ Mina: Hehe…unfortunately not…maybe if we knew to look out of her we would have 😛

    @ Marilyn: I am sure it is, if we could look up and look at it… unfortunately most of the time was spent hiding our faces from the rain :-/. We only got some non-rainy time in the evening :-/

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