Posted by: annmucc | November 8, 2009

Bonfire Night

Last year I spent the 5th of November watching Teitur (just looked up what I had posted around then now). That was a good show! That was a great show. However, what I hadn’t realised was that the 5th of November was Bonfire Night!

This year however there was no way I would forget it! Michael and I had put it down in our calendar a good time ago, and luckily the local council put up a fireworks show around 30minute walk from our place in Roundwood Park. Great! So after a busy day at university I met up with Michael at the library to make our way there. After having a treat of a hotdog, and looking around the place (i.e. Michael taking photos, but they are not up yet, so you won’t get to see them :P…go to his flickr page if you want to see them and check it out every few days till he puts them up!), we got in place to see the fireworks.

The lights went out…

The fireworks started! A lot of ooohsss and aaahhs from the people, but what did I think?

I must say I wasn’t too impressed. Michael (who was rightly impressed) told me I am spoilt :). But maybe he’s right? I guess growing up with the feasts in Malta has meant that it takes a bit more to impress me than normal people require. However, I must admit that there were two types of fireworks that impressed me, namely one which was like a wheel which was shot up in the sky, the started falling back down to earth while rotating, after which it shot back up and started falling back again…I never saw anything like that! The other type was one which when the firework ball exploded, the flickers that resulted rotated round in circles, giving off golden sparks. Wonderful!

However, to be honest, I think that the main reason why they weren’t as impressive is possibly as here they probably stuck with the law on noise and size, while in Malta I am not so sure on that aspect :P. Also, they were let off from much closer to people, thus probably restricting on size.

Nevertheless, I will say it again: Maltese fireworks are better 😛



  1. Pictures are up now 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 (for the photos and the link ;)).

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