Posted by: annmucc | November 25, 2009

Family, Visits, and Four Countries in One Day!

Yeps, it has been a long time since I last blogged, but please bear with me! It’s been a very busy time!

So first up was a family visit to my brother and Michele (his girlfriend) in Switzerland. My sister and mum flew to London from Malta, and I met up with them at the airport where we took another flight to Friedrischafen in Germany. From the airport we went to Konstanz. With my brother living close by in St Gallen this was one of the places I really wanted to go back to after having done a six week internship there 4 summers ago. Luckily one of the guys from the lab was in town and we could meet up. Great to be back!

That was Saturday (two Saturdays ago). On Sunday we then went to Santis…SNOOOWWWWW! ;)…we didn’t climb but took the gondola up to gorgeous views. After that we travelled on to Apenzell, followed by a visit to the Rheinfall in Schaffhausen. Last I was in the region I never got round to it, so this was high on my list of things I wanted to do. Monday then was a day in Zurich with my mum and sister as brother and his gf had to work/study. Unfortunately all the museums were closed, but we still got a bit of the atmosphere in. Tuesday then we travelled back, from Switzerland going to Austria and then on to Germany around lake Constance, followed by flying to London (yeps…there go your four countries ;)).

In London then it was my turn to host my sister and mum…AAA…hectic time! We got a number of shopping trips in (yippee!) and a good deal of sight seeing. Mostly I sent them on their own while I went to university to get some work done anyways (though I was on reduced time ;)). With them on Wednesday night we went to watch Blood Brothers, with Mel C – great show! Was not particularly impressed at first, but as time went I got more and more impressed! WOW!. On Thursday I had tickets for the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London, which is the ceremony where they shut down the tower each night. It is apparently the shortest such ceremony in the world, but hey! I enjoyed it, and you get to get into the Tower for free 😉 (though you cannot wander round). Friday night was an evening of rest in preparation for the weekend.

Saturday was a day of markets! When Michael’s parents were here we went to Camden Market and I definitely wanted to take them there. So we got the bus to St John’s Wood and walked from there along the canal to the market. I really like the market, and it was good to be there now – seeing as Christmas is near I could start getting ideas for gifts – yipeee! (never a very easy thing for me ;)). From there we then went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde park to show them the closest they could get to a German market (more ideas for gifts ;)) and then on to TK Maxx in Kensington (shopping :P).

Sunday was our ‘day out of London’ – Oxford! I had visited Oxford some months ago for a workshop but only got around an hour to look around. Now we had a day! Unfortunately it wasn’t the best weather (though better than when we went to Canterbury). Fortunately the museums were open so we could duck in there and enjoy them. We got to go to the University Museum of Natural History, the Pitt Rivers Museum, then to the Ashmolean Museum (it is newly reopened in November, so it is still not totally complete – but I really liked it, particularly the -1 level), and finally the Museum of the History of Science. In the evening we then went to Christ Church College Cathedral for Evensong (I didn’t find it as impressive as the ones we attended in Cambridge and Canterbury), and then on to home.

Monday was their last day here, so we went for a walk in Gladstone park, before making our way to Oxford street for some more shopping (hehe!) and then saw them off.

In the evening Michael and I had tickets for a Jack the Ripper Tour by Celebrity Planet. It was an OK tour. We got our tickets for free, but I am not sure I would have been happy if I had paid £10 for the tour! Also – the tour guide had such a smug look on his face! It just made me want to punch him! grrr! 🙂



  1. YEAH she put it up 😀

  2. @ Cec: Well…quite short…so would appreciate it if you would be so kind to write something for my lovely blog to give more info to my lovely readers 😛

  3. Bad bad Ann…u wanted to go to Kostanz…if nto i would have gone to 5 countries in 24 hours m(Malta, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland) hihi

  4. @ Cec: :P. Oh well! I think 4 in one day is more than enough 🙂

  5. Thanks for posting, Camden Lock has lots to offer every type of visitor, and it’s what makes it one of the city’s!the capital’s premier holiday attractions.

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