Posted by: annmucc | November 29, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Yeps…it’s that time of the year again! Christmas…and with it comes gifts! We are not a very gift-giving  family, but with our partners being in Malta for Christmas (and being appalled at our gift-giving track-record :P) we have decided to try to make more of an effort. So last year required finding gifts for Michael’s family (read a bit about that here), but this year I am buying gifts for mine as well…AAAA!

Oh well…a start needed to be made. So over the past few days I have been thinking what to give to my family. As we are going to Denmark next weekend for our ‘Christmas trip’, we needed to get their gifts this weekend, which is why yesterday saw us heading off to Camden Market to make a dent into the gifts we will be buying. Happy to say that I got my mum’s gifts sort of done, as well as my sister’s boyfriend’s and my brother’s girlfriend’s gifts…wippeee! All that’s left is for my brother and my sister (hehe!)…AND for Michael!!! AAA! That’s the worse for me, as for the others I can get his opinion but for his gift he doesn’t look too keenly on him choosing his gift 😛

After Camden market we also went to a Christmas market organised by the Danish YMCA. However, it was too crowded to really enjoy, and the things looked quite expensive to me. So off home we went after a good day of shopping…so glad to have got a good portion of it done! I am sure I’ll get around to finishing all my Christmas shopping at some point…but up to them it is all stress and panic :). Will keep you updated!



  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh that means I am getting a pressie…YIPPIE!

  2. @ Cec: So far you’re getting nothing :P…and jsut to tell you…the hat has resurrected itself 😉

  3. Oh wow! Are oyu going to Denmark? That is pretty cool. Will you take a couple of photos? Pretty please?

  4. @ Emm: Well, as we’re spending Christmas in Malta, and Michael is Danish, we’re going up there for a weekend before. I am not sure I can promise to take photos O:)…I’m pretty horrible at that. But I will try to remember to link to Michael’s flickr page – he’s the photographer of us!

  5. Haha – that’ll do then!

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