Posted by: annmucc | December 5, 2009

Christmas: Take 1, Part 1

I know that Christmas still has a few weeks to go, but one of the benefits of being with someone from a different nationality means that I get to celebrate Christmas twice…once in Denmark and once in Malta. As last year we celebrated Christmas in Denmark this year it is Malta’s turn (wippeee!), so this weekend we are in Denmark for the Christmas visits and gift exchanging. As I LOVE Christmas, this is not a bad deal to me…I get to enjoy it twice :D.

We left London Thursday afternoon after a day at uni of meetings and work. After a lot of running (we arrived at the airport with 45mins to spare for flight departure and ran through security to make it to the gate in 15mins…) we made it to Denmark where Michael’s parents were waiting for us…Denmark :)…mmm! We got home quite late, and after a dinner of frikadeller we made it to bed.

Friday was our replacement Christmas eve. So in the morning Michael and I woke up and went to do some food shopping together with the last of the gift shopping (yeps…we hadn’t finished). I also took the time to buy some gifts for the people back home to keep on crossing things off my Christmas gift list. Back home it was then time for gift wrapping, table setting, and some help in cooking till Michael’s sister and her family arrived for the ‘Christmas dinner’ in the evening.

‘Christmas dinner’ consisted of roast pork with crackling, and a cabbage/walnut/fig/orange salad and some potatoes with brown gravy…and crisps (yeps…for some reason they often crisps with Christmas dinner…I find it a bit weird…but who am I to complain? 😛 I enjoy it just the same :D. Dessert was then Christmas pudding with custard…mmm! Michael had mentioned that he would like to take some English food stuff to Denmark, and I suggested (insisted? :P) this. We had bought brandy in the morning, so I was all set to light it up. This was my first time, so I think I was a bit liberal with it, but oh well…it lit up!, I think it impressed the Danes, and I got pudding :D. I am quite sure they were not that impressed with the taste (though they seem to have liked the custard), but hey…that meant more for me! so who am I to complain? :P. After this was the gift giving…yey!!! Hehe. I got gifts…woohoo! I got some make-up, i.e. lip gloss and eyeliner, from his sister which I had asked for as mine was close to finishing or finished, and some clothes from his mum and dad…wippeee! It’s great to get gifts (and to give them, though it is a bit stressful to think what to give :P). After a lot of eating and drinking Michael’s sister’s family were off home, while we continued with some more drinking before making our way to bed.

All at the dinner table

All at the dinner table

The pudding is on Fire!

The pudding is on Fire!

Today was then baking and relaxing day. Yesterday Michael’s dad had made the dough for some cookies which needed to rest for a bit. So after breakfast we got stuck into making brune kage. When those were done Michael and I went off to Tonder to the Christmas market there and ‘Det Gamle Apoteke‘. I always enjoy seeing Christmas stuff, so I was definitely not disappointed! However I was quite surprised that while you can see a lot of Nisses there were barely and cribs anywhere…we only saw some at the Apoteke stuck in a basement corner…it seems to me that the Danes have forgotten exactly why Christmas is celebrated. My impression is that in Malta the idea of what Christmas means still exists in people’s minds, and I hope that we don’t forget this anytime soon. It made me a bit sad to see this (also because I always enjoy seeing the cribs in these kinds of shops :P).

Making the Brune Kage

Making the Brune Kage

After the trip to Tonder we then came home for a quick lunch before making our way over to Michael’s grandparents for coffee (yes!!! I feel like I am constantly eating here. However, luckily the scales they have here show that I weigh some 10kg less than the one back in London…so that’s good isn’t it? :P. Hopefully the one in London is wrong 😛 but I am not too convinced of that :P). Although his grandparents don’t speak English, and I of course don’t speak Danish, I still enjoy it at their place. They have a really cosy house, and they always make me feel so special and welcome. And best of all? His grandmother gave me another set of house shoes which she made herself :D. She had already given me a set last year, but the cat ate a big hole through one :-/. I moaned about it quite a lot to Michael, and his grandma got to know. Apparently she was very concerned about it, so she gave me a new pair…wipppeee! My feet right now are very warm in them I can tell you :D.

Well, now that we are back home we made some twisted children (klejner). These are cookies they make which they make out of pastry, then twist around, and fry. More cookies…yipeee! Now we are resting and waiting for his mum to come home for dinner. They are busy geeking on the other laptop so I decided to update you. I am sure I’ll have more to tell tomorrow!


  1. Not fair…I want to find a boyfriend from somewhere else (i.e.; not Malta)…so that I can celebrate it twice 😦 :(…I’m off cos my Maltese bf is here hihi

  2. @ Cec: Awww…my poor deprived sister :P. You can come and visit whenever you want for free though :P. And I am sure Michael’s parents would accept you if you want to visit :P. They have been asking when you will 🙂

  3. Haha…inviting me is a very slippery slope for them…cos u know I will take the offer up 😛

  4. lol… twisted children!!

  5. @Cec: Hehe…they invited…I passed on the message…I shut up now 😛

    @ Marilyn: yeps! Sounds so bad!

  6. Oh wow! You’ve already gone and come back!! I’ve bee so busy at work and I think I lost a week!! It sounds like you had a fab time and you still have Malta to look forward to! I see a lot of their words are similar to Dutch?

  7. @ Emm: yeah…it was a weekend trip as I have to get back to my studies. But we’ll get to Malta for Christmas…wippeee! I was in Denmark last year so looking forward to Malta this year! I asked about similarity to Dutch and Michael said yes sort of. I wouldn’t know though 🙂

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