Posted by: annmucc | December 8, 2009

Christmas: Take 1, Part 2

In the last post I updated you with the first part of our ‘Christmas trip’ to Denmark. Now I am back in London I’ll get you up to date with the last day and a bit there.

Sunday morning was an early start: Michael had planned that we go to Den Gamle By, also known as ‘The Old Town‘ in Aarhus. Wikipedia (yes I know, I should have stronger references, but oh well, I deserve a break!) describes it as ‘an open-air village museum consisting of 75 historical buildings collected from 20 townships in all parts of the country.’ And that is exactly what it is! What they did was get typical old houses from different parts of the countries and reconstructed them in this location/museum. Besides these old houses there was also a Christmas market and different Christmas activities (including a treasure hunt which I did and submitted…yippeee :)). I liked the place and the atmosphere, but wasn’t impressed by it. I am sure however that the very dull weather didn’t help make the place look as magical as snow or even an inkling of a shining sun would have made!

As we were leaving Den Gamle By Michael called a friend of his who’s coming to London this weekend if we could drop by; we received some gifts which we weren’t sure we could get through security in a hand luggage, like a cooking thermometer needle, so as we knew him and his girlfriend have a checked-in luggage, we thought it safer if they could get it over here for us. Luckily they were home, and besides dropping the stuff off we also got a good lunch…yippee to the ever-prepared Danes!

Then it was on to more visiting, this time Christian and Louise (remember then from the New Years in Skjoldelev?). This time however there was another addition…tiny William…wippeee! When we got there it was straight in to afternoon coffee (yes! the Danes never stop eating it seems to me: whoever you visit has food to offer, and its constantly coming…no wonder I gained weight over the weekend!). On our way there we had bought a drømmekage (translation: dream cake) and we got that with the coffee…yippeee cake! After a lot of talking it was however soon on to dinner! LOL! No one was up for cooking so we ordered some pizzas. Yummy! Pizzas just as I like it! Luckily Michael suggested splitting one, and thought I wasn’t too happy at the time when I started eating I was so glad I did…I wouldn’t have managed to eat much more I am sure! After dinner however it was time to make the 1.5hr drive home (in horrible weather…so glad I wasn’t the one driving…thanks Michael :D).



Monday was another early morning. However, this time it was to get to the airport.

Goodbye Denmark! Hope to be back soon 🙂



  1. I want to go to Denmark…next time u go…take me with you 😀

  2. @ Cec: buy a ticket and go 😛

  3. dream cake….. mmm…..

  4. @ Marilyn: hehe…it is not THAT special…we have similar in Malta…but it is good 😀

  5. […] they have outside the museum. This seems to be a smaller version of Den Gamle By we went to on a previous visit. The place was much less crowded than Den Gamle By (we were practically the only people there) […]

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