Posted by: annmucc | December 19, 2009

Pied Piper At the Barbican

Another FreeB event at the Barbican: Pied Piper. Following our last show which was cancelled because the performer got hurt, and the one before which was contemporary dance we just didn’t get, this was a definite change!

After the departmental Christmas lunch (great time, great food, except the dessert: walnut cake, which turned into a walnut tart, which looked and tasted disgustingly similar to cat food!) I made my way to the Barbican to collect the tickets for the show. Hmm…the girl at the ticket booth told me: you booked tickets for the 11th not the 18th. Uh-hu! Sorry :S. No problem she said, and she immediately printed me tickets for yesterday’s performance…WOW! I wouldn’t have expected that service if we had paid for the tickets, let alone for tickets obtained through a free scheme…thank you dear ticket booth person! She also gave me the tickets for the next show!

Michael arrived and in we went (good seats btw!).  It started…

WOW! I was definitely intrigued, pulled into the story and impressed! Impressed by the storyline, how well they got the point across with dance (I never expect to understand dance), and how tight the dancing was. You can see a bit more of the show here:

If you are in London I definitely suggest that you go and see it, and if you’re under 25 you may also check if there are any free tickets through the FreeB scheme…what more could you want? 😉



  1. […] the Edge? Just before Christmas Michael and I went to see a Boy Blue Entertainment show: Pied Piper. We really enjoyed the show so when the company returned for a two-week residency at the Barbican, […]

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