Posted by: annmucc | December 21, 2009

Weekend in Wintery London

Just had one of the most gorgeous weekends I think I’ve had in London!

As you probably all know, Thursday it snowed…everywhere was white…gorgeous! This snow remained around over the weekend (and even this morning!), giving a gorgeous white wintry background to everything. Add to this some gorgeous blue skies and shining sun, and I really couldn’t have asked for much more! Though it was cold, we just couldn’t stay inside! So we wrapped up and went out.

Saturday we went for a walk in the park nearby.You can see photos Michael took in the park on Friday:

Gladstone Park under Snow on Friday

Though we couldn’t make a snowman as the snow wasn’t the right form to do one (it didn’t stick together), I still managed to do a snowangel…wippee! However, what impressed me the most was this white vastness covering anything, which under the blue skies and shining in the sun felt so uplifting! To me this all feels like it’s part of a fairytale, or something out of a film, considering that we never get snow in Malta! After that it was on to making the most gorgeous carrot soup ever! I have never made carrot soup and never had much of an inclination for soups, but michael has been suggesting soups at intervals, and after this one I will DEFINITELY not complain about them…Nomnom!

On Sunday then it was off for a walk to the Farmer’s market in Queen’s park. We had already been there once, but with the weather treating us well (except for temperatures :P) we decided to walk down there and grab some breakfast/lunch at the market. Walking in a white landscape in good weather is great and gives you life I am starting to believe! We got to the market with a healthy appetite and bought a Lincolnshire hot dog for me, and a lamb hettie for michael for the main meal. But then it was on for dessert! I got an almond croissant and Michael got a ‘real English muffin’. DELICIOUS!

Back home it was then time to start getting things sorted for our trip home (keeping fingers crossed for all to be well with our flight!). We put the gifts we have in my luggage (ahhh! it is practically full just with gifts…AAAA!), and started washing clothes. As the last load was going, we then snuggled up to watch a movie: Where Sally met Harry, which we borrowed from our flatmate’s big DVD collection.

A very cosy weekend! Or hyggeligt as the Danes would say 😉


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