Posted by: annmucc | December 26, 2009

Getting to Malta for Christmas

We finally made it! Weather had been bad in London with a number of flights cancelled over the previous days, so Tuesday evening saw us making our way to Gatwick airport with a heavy heart that we are doing a useless trip – snow and freezing fog was the forecast – not very positive right?

 We arrived at the airport at around 10pm, and so far no cancellations. Our flight was due at 7:15 the next morning (yes…getting to the airport in the early morning is not a very easy thing, so we thought it better to get to the airport in very good time :P) so we settled down on some benches. Luckily we found a series of 6/7 seats with no hand rests and occupied them for the night :D. Michael didn’t get much sleep but I managed to get some as we waited with bated breath hoping that the flight was not to be cancelled. At around 5am the first flight landed…phewww! The airport is still open! On through security and into the waiting area till our flight was called. A bit more sleep, and then off we went. It is sounding even more positive the more time that passes!

Get to the gate – still no cancellation! Then the bus comes to take us to the plane. The plane had been parked way out in the middle of nowhere it seems as it took quite a long bus ride to get there, but we got there! We settled in, and after another long plane taxiing time we were off! WOW! We were off just around 30mins late (which considering how far the plane was parked was OK).



We get there on time, having made up for the late departure. We went through passport control, and out we went…hmm! But where is my mum??? There was no one to meet us…so I called: “Ohh! You’ve already landed? We’ll be there in around 15 mins” I was told. So we walked out to the bus stop (in gorgeous weather mind you!) and proceeded to wait for around 25mins :P. Apparently my brother had called her to go pick him up from work, and then they had to go pick up the new tv they ordered, which meant that they hadn’t seen that we were due on time and not 30mins late.

Oh well…after more than 15hours from leaving London home we were in Malta home – wipppeeee! It is always good to be home, but even more so when all the family is here. This is the first time that all of us + partners have met as since both my brother and I live abroad our visits with partners don’t always coincide.

And what have we been doing since? Well, quite a lot has been going on, from Midnight masses, Wii fitness tests (I have the youngest fitness age from my family apparently…MUHAHAHAHA!) and a lot of food. However, I am hoping that Michael will blog about it sometimes soon…and I’ll give you the link :D. I am sure a view from someone outside will be even more interesting than from me :D.



  1. Next time you come to Malta Kelly and i will come for a walk with you 🙂

    Thanks for visiting, it was nice seeing you and thanks for the gift!


  2. @ Ren: Weeee – imbaghad noqghodu intellqu 😛 hehe :). Thanks for having us!

  3. […] last time I was in Malta was over Christmas, so it has been a while. But I must say that things don’t change that much. My time in Malta […]

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