Posted by: annmucc | January 5, 2010

Last day

Yes…I know that the last time I wrote in here I was just arriving. But I have been so busy the past two weeks (mostly with eating…AAAA…SOOOO much eating…I need to go on a strict diet now probably…grrrr!) that I have barely had too much time to check in.

So what have we been up to (besides eating :P)?

On Christmas eve all us Fenech kids and partners went for some dinner on the Cottonera waterfront (mmm…delicious food!) before making our way to the University chapel for Midnight Mass…oh! and before that I took Michael and Michele (my brother’s gf) to see the Christmas procession around the streets of Zurrieq.

The Fenech kids on Christmas Eve

The Fenech kids on Christmas Eve

On Christmas day we had present-opening in the morning (weee!  I got a hot water bottle with the cutest dog from bro and gf, and the loveliest brooch I’ve seen (and had been hinting for :P) from my sister…weee!). From my mum we got pantomime tickets which we went to see the next day.

Skipping food I’m going on to New Year’s Eve. In the morning we went to see a friend who has just had the cutest baby :D…I held her and the baby didn’t cry! woohooo! Cheers for Ann :D. The baby has also been given Ann as a second name, so of course she will be brilliant :P. After that it was on home for lunch as it was my mum’s birthday. After a short nap then Cecilia (sis), Bernard (sis’s bf), Michael and I went off to the sister island of Gozo where we were to spend New Years. After getting everything organised we went off for dinner on the Marsalforn jetty (by this time I was feeling positively bloated, so only ate half a pizza (yes! I left food! :P)), before making our way to Rabat for the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

3…2…1…Happy New Year! :D.

New Year’s day we then returned to Malta (for more eating :P).

Other events was a ‘dvd night’ at Bernard’s place where we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Sound of Music, to introduce these movie to the foreign people in our midst 😛 (i.e. Michael and Michele). On Sunday then all the family minus Cecilia we went for a walk in Bahrija. Then Michael and I visited the War Museum yesterday, followed by meeting friends yesterday and more friends today.

Ahh! And how can I forget the gorgeous weather we’ve had here? It has been constantly in the high tens or in the twenties, so even good for t-shirts!)

I think that’s enough! We’re off tomorrow (and returning in May – bought the tickets yesterday weeee – for my cousin’s wedding), but if you want to see more pictures you can check out Michael’s flickr photos here.

Talk to you from London!



  1. Is Fenech your last name? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was one of my favourite films ever!

  2. @ Emm: yes Fenech is my last name :). Hehe to the film! I saw it again and only remembered the child-catcher…he seems to have stuck in my mind a bit too much!

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