Posted by: annmucc | January 5, 2010

New Blog Look

You might be asking…why the change in blog look? Well…a friend of mine has just moved to Kenya for a year of voluntary work. He decided to start a blog and I suggested wordpress. Well, he has opted for the default theme….i.e. the them I had. So I thought that this is probably signalling me that I need to change the look of my blog a bit…and here you are 🙂

Hope you like it

Ahh…and check out John’s blog here! I am sure I’m going to be very much entertained with his writing.



  1. what fun John! Met him a couple of times. new blog to follow 🙂
    nice seeing you today!

  2. @ Mina: yeps – new blog to follow…weeee! It was nice seeing you yest as well…though we are now stuck in Malta at least till Friday…boohoo!

  3. […] Blog Look BTW…what do you think of the blog’s new look? I know I have just changed it, but I still was not totally sure about it…So I decided to look again at the options. I saw […]

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