Posted by: annmucc | January 8, 2010

Two Days Later…

On the 5th I said it was my last day in Malta

On the 6th I said that I spoke too early

But finally! We arrived in London this evening!

When we woke up this morning we apprehensively looked at cancellation and our flights wasn’t one of them! However, the flight never appeared to leave from London (which is the flight on which we should return). Hmm…but it seems to be landing on time. Oh well. Off we went to the airport just in case (in Malta it is a 5-10 min ride, so not too bad) where all appeared to be in order.

We went through security

We arrived at the gate

We waited

We got on the plane

and off we went!

We arrived to a very white UK and London. It is good to be back in some ways, though not looking forward to travelling again on Sunday when it should get worse! On Sunday I should be flying to Amsterdam as I am going to Leiden in the Netherlands for a week training workshop. Just crossing my fingers that all will go well with that!

And now I am exhausted, so will say goodbye here, and hopefully I’ll let you know how Leiden went sometime soon!



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