Posted by: annmucc | January 9, 2010

Feeling for Snow

Michael and my our second date together was on my birthday, following a first date where I mainly spoke non-stop and was sure I bored him to death. However, during that first date I must have (amongst the zillion other things) mentioned that I had never seen snow and that I am an avid reader, as on my birthday Michael gave me this book: Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow.

I started reading it while I was in Prague. However, what with my time in Prague being very busy, as was my return to Malta with uni and chatting to him, I never got round to finishing it (I normally read a book in a week or two max, so when it went over a month I had lost any enthusiasm I might have had). This was compounded with the fact that the book’s talk of crackling and crunching snow and the different types of snow and ice which miss Smilla was using as evidence just flew over my head…I just had no knowledge of what she was talking about and just could not relate!

On my trip to Malta however I found this book again. After my time here I so much more appreciate the different kinds of snow and ice; before to me snow was snow and that was that. Maybe I should return to it and make one other jab at it? I sure hope I’ll get round to it!

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