Posted by: annmucc | January 10, 2010

Greetings from Leiden!

As I mentioned in one of my last posts,  today I was flying out to Amsterdam as I had to come to Leiden. As you can probably guess from the title: here I am :).

Luckily the travelling went by smoothly. I packed this morning (as always it’s a morning rush thing) and then Michael lovingly agreed to come with me to the bus stop to see me onto the bus to the airport (there was rail replacement today which meant the bus was free, which is why I decided to try my eyelash-batting thing at him ;)). Onto the bus, and on to the airport.

I arrived at the airport around 2hours before the flight was due to leave (I was getting antsy at home so I decided that I should get off and get an earlier bus). I went through security with no problems and waited for my flight to be called. Flight called…on to the gate. However, as I arrive at the gate I hear and announcement saying that people to Amsterdam should go to the ‘special assistance’ desk to pick up their light refreshment vouchers…oh no! what now??? I was just arriving at the gate by now. Luckily it was a mistake!…the girl at the gate checking our boarding passes sounded just as surprised as us, but it all got solved quickly with a phone call from her and a reissued messaged: it was the Hamburg flight not ours that was cancelled…phew!

After a short sleep on the plane (the flight is only 48mins long they told us after all) we landed. Then the plane taxied…and taxied…and taxied…and after a bit more taxiing we got to the stand. Apparently this is always the case with Easyjet flights as they land at the furthest out runway and have the furthest away stands. Oh well, this meant quite a bit of walking, but not impossible!

Out of the arrivals, I had to buy my train ticket to Leiden. I bought the ticket and tried to find when the next train was…hmm one should have left at 17:19, and it is now 17:22, but it is still showing on the platform sign just in front of me…hmm…let me run down…I see a train, and dash on…doors close just after me…oh well! I’m on now, but I ask and they confirm to me that it is the right train…phew phew phew!

I get to Leiden in the midst of a lot of whiteness. The Netherlands seems to be white all over, from the sky and from the ground…mmmm…gorgeous! From the train station however I had decided to walk to the B&B. It wasn’t too bad, though dragging luggage through snow (even if it has wheels!) is not THAT nice :P. I get to the B&B, and meet the owner who looks OK. Shown to my room which is in the attic (yeay!) and very cosy and big (too big for one, but oh well…I’m alone now). After dumping my stuff in however I was hungry, so off back to the centre I went to find something to eat…this time the walk however went MUCH faster now that I didn’t have anything to drag!

Now I am back in my room updating you all :).

Will let you know how the course went! I hope and it should be good :).



  1. Welcome to Leiden. And good luck with your course, whatever that may be. Enjoy.

    (I’m 69 years of age, not making avances, just trying to be nice)

  2. […] to allow me to find it when I need it). As you will note Michael used some spices I had bought from Leiden from the museum shop at the Ethnographic Museum: Cajun Blackened spice blend from seasoned pioneers […]

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