Posted by: annmucc | January 17, 2010

A Day in Amsterdam

I hope to write in my research blog in the coming days about the workshop in Leiden. However, I thought I’d write something here about the time after the workshop

The workshop ended on Friday around midday. After the workshop I made my way to the centre where I visited the National museum of Ethnography in Leiden. People had visited in the days before and told me it was good so off I went. I thought it was about the Dutch – my fault as I didn’t do any research. However, it was actually about societies outside of Europe, particularly those with links with the Dutch. Though not what I expected, it was good.

On Saturday it was then time to leave Leiden. My flight was at around 9pm however so I had planned to spend the time in Amsterdam. So I arrived in Amsterdam, left my luggage in the luggage lockers at the train station, and set off. The first thing on my list was a free walking tour around Amsterdam organised by Sandemans. Michael had been to part of their tour in Berlin, and I sent my sister and my mum on one in London, and they all really liked them, so I though that would be a good way of seeing Amsterdam in a day.

As they had indicated, the tour was great (not to mention free πŸ™‚ However if you do go on one do remember that they work by tips, so if you like it, as I did, do be generous and leave them something however small). Our tour guide took us all around Amsterdam, from the red light district (wasn’t too impressed – it looked quite grotty with these fat old women in gold underwear sitting there – but then we WERE there at 11am – should have gone later ;)), to the Jewish centre, and passing through the free part of the Amsterdam Historic Museum and through a convent. The tour ended in front of the house/office where Ann Frank was in hiding during the war.

Up to now I was still trying to decide which museum I should go visit: it was between the Van Gogh Museum, the Amsterdam Historic Museum and Anne Frank Huis. However, the tour guide sounded so impressed with the last that I decided to take the plunge and decide on that (beside it being the closest ;)). In the queue I met some other people I had met on the tour so I had some company, which was great!

I really liked the museum (inspite of the long queue in the cold – Amsterdam was absolutely FREEZING – not best weather for a walking tour I know). I think it gets across what it sets out to – what the place was like at the time, while reminding you why the place has become the museum it has become.

After the visit however I was starting to get hungry, so I went to grab something to eat before making my way to the train station where I picked up my luggage and made my way to the airport.

I arrive at the airport…GRRR Β – my flight was delayed by over 1.5 hours! Oh well – not much to do! So I luckily found a plug for my laptop and phone and sat down to do some work and play some Solitaire :). The flight delay was then improved by 45mins, so the flight became just over 45mins delayed. In the queue and on the plane however I was next to this parasitologist who lives in the Netherlands but does some work for a lab in the UK she used to work with and also goes to Gambia to do some work there. It was really interesting talking to her and it definitely made the trip feel shorter.

In London it was then a bus ride to the centre followed by a tube home – FINALLY! By now I was totally exhausted, so after a short call with Michael (yeay!) I went off to dreamland veeeeery easily πŸ™‚



  1. Oh, you were here! Too bad it was so cold… I hope you’ll get a chance to visit in the Spring when all is in bloom. Then again, London is gorgeous come March as well πŸ˜‰

    Glad you stopped by my blog to say hello. Hope you’re settling in your new home!

  2. Hey Ann

    Greetings from BARCELONA…just wanted to say hi hihi…here all is well. The hostel is nice..its like in an old house, not a purpose built hostel, but nice anyways…

    cu sn I hp


  3. Weee :). Enjoy Barcelona and think about writing a blogpost πŸ˜‰

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