Posted by: annmucc | January 24, 2010

A Busy Weekend Back in London

Ahh…London! I have spent the last few weeks travelling to Malta and the Netherlands that it feels like ages since I’ve had the time to spend some time here. So it was good to have a busy but relaxing and fun weekend back here!

Saturday: Shopping and Southbank

This weekend Christabelle (last time I met her in London I mentioned her here) was in London with her boyfriend and the in-laws as they were here for her bf’s graduation (he was doing a masters in the UK last year). After meeting up with her on Thursday at Euston station just for a coffee and to hand over our ‘visitor Oyster cards’ the plan was to meet up on Saturday for a day out together for us and our other (better?) halves :).

First up on the list of things to do was House of Fraser. If you remember I had won a voucher from House of Fraser from the London Bloggers meetup last February (yes!!! a year ago). As I said I am incapable of shopping so as I had Christabelle here (and she is the one who managed to convince me to buy a dress last year) I decided that this was a good opportunity. And in fact it was! I came out with a lovely dress hopefully to wear to my cousin’s wedding and other such occasion. Weee!

From there we made our way to TK Maxx in Kensington as after last year’s experience there we definitely had to return! Unfortunately they have reordered the shop since Christmas and I definitely don’t appreciate the changes O:). They found a number of items, and we still didn’t go out empty handed ;). Michael bought me a purse…weee! He had given me an IOU as a part of my Christmas present for tickets to go to a Sound of Music sing-a-long which I had heard about and was excited about. However, as we saw it over Christmas and I know it would be a quite painful experience for Michael I told him we don’t need to go, so instead he bought me a purse which after buying one for my sister for Christmas I was starting to wish I had one! So both of us were happy…I got my purse and he got out of the show (and the purse was also cheaper ;)).

After all the shopping was done however we were starting to get hungry. So we made our way to Trafalgar Square where after a few photos with the lions we went to eat in a Wetherspoons down the road. After lunch/dinner (we ate at around 4/5pm…) we then made our way to the Southbank. Christa’s bf had never seen the Thames so he was excited about that. So we walked on the Southbank talking and joking till we came across a coffee shop (after more than an hour of walking definitely!) where we stopped for coffee and dessert, then made our way across to St. Paul’s Cathedral to get the bus home.

A great Saturday even if exhausting!

Sunday with the Flatmates

As I said last Wednesday was Michael’s birthday. When the flatmates learned of this they decided that we should go out for drinks/lunch thing on Sunday. Were we up for it? Sure! So this morning saw us concretising those plans and making our way out together…we have been talking of this for ages but never got round to it!

First off was a stop at The Spaniards. Having passed through Hampstead in the car (yeps…they have a car ;)) we were already in love with the area and the pub definitely didn’t disappoint! We got drinks there but couldn’t find anywhere to sit for too long as the tables were booked so we just sat and drank till we had to get up. From there we then made our way to Highgate (another lovely place) for lunch.

This was the first time out with the flatmates and I definitely enjoyed it! They showed us places we had never seen and they are very easygoing. I think we were lucky to have them rather than some annoying people! We also generally find things to talk about…if all else fails we can always talk about travel 🙂

So all in all a busy but successful first weekend back in London…hope this augurs well for a great year!


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