Posted by: annmucc | January 27, 2010

Presentation Trepidation

In June I had mentioned Collaborative Doctoral Awards and their London network meetings on my research blog. Well, this Friday there is another meeting of this same group. This time the theme is ‘Working with Archives‘ so when it was being advertised I decided: ‘Why not? I’ll ask my supervisor and go for a presentation’. (I am also helping out with the organisation a bit, but that’s another thing). My presentation got accepted and this week has found me working on it.

Yesterday while talking to my supervisor he asked me to see it. This is something he always does, but with every presentation I just get more worried about this step; I have realised that my supervisor does not have the highest opinion ever of my presentation skills. Oh well, with some trepidation I sent it off to him yesterday, and as expected he replied after a few hours: “We should talk about this presentation.” Hmm…that’s not such good news from a supervisor who normally praises most of what I done (just in case you’re wondering: not because I’m any kind of wonder, but because that’s the way he is :P).

Today I spent the day in the office wondering what he will say. He wasn’t around all morning and I was thinking we wouldn’t get round to meeting, but at 4pm he skyped me to go up to talk about it. A bit worried and scared (I was getting the idea he was just going to tell me to scrap all by this time :P) I made my way upstairs.

“Pull a chair” he tells me…this is going to be a long one…

We proceeded to go through the presentation slide by slide discussing (or mainly him suggesting :P) what changes can be done and how the storyline of the presentation could be improved. We did quite a bit of changes (it took over an hour :P) but I am so much happier with it now! The experience was not as scary as I was imagining it would be. And in all I was quite impressed by his comments. He has such clear ideas of what works with presentations, and I’m so lucky to have someone who will sit with me and help me improve my work: There definitely is a lot I can learn from him!

Anyways, enough for today…hope to give you an update about the event on my research blog after Friday!



  1. I’m glad it worked out and I’m looking forward to see the presentation 😉

  2. @ Michael: Lol…I guess you’ll have to sit through it tonight then 😛

  3. Oooo, you’re a better person than me! I don’t like people picking apart what I have done. Guess that is why I am not a postgrad student anymore!

  4. @ Emm: I don’t particularly like it either…but in this case I expected him to scrap it editting was much better than that! I guess being a postgrad student means you get your supervisor picking at your work quite a lot. However, in a way at this point the supervisor is a bit on your side as your work reflects on him as well so he is there more to help than to complain (luckily my supervisor doesn’t complain too much, if at all, so I know that when he comments on something it is for the best)

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