Posted by: annmucc | January 31, 2010

Wandering in Wintery London

In Autumn we ambled, and now that it’s winter we wandered.

Walk London organises free walks around London three times a year to get people out and about in this great city. We had attended the autumn walk, where we walked from South Kenton to Hendon. That time round the weather was perfect, and luckily this time the weather held as well (though it was quite cold to say the least ;)). As there were no walks near to us we decided to head in to the city for a guided walk on part of the Jubilee Walkway, from St. Paul’s Cathedral to Lincoln Inn Fields.

We all met at the St. Paul’s tube station. Unlike last time where we were less than ten people on the walk, this time it was much more popular, with I am guessing around 40 people. Luckily the guide we had was a licensed guide with good voice projection so it was easy to hear him speak.

First off was a stop at St. Paul’s Cathedral to learn a bit about the area. After walking around the area to see the London Stock Exchange and Temple Bar, we then walked up Ludgate Hill till we got to St. Bride’s Church. Apparently the spire of this church is the inspiration behind the tiered wedding cake!

Month sundial on the London Stock Exchange in Paternoster Square

The Inspiration for the Wedding Cake

Walking towards Fleet Street we then came across what used to be the print district. Although the offices of some are still there, the printing presses have long moved out as digital printing no longer required the offices and the printing to occur in the same building (and of course London is quite expensive). The guide proceeded to discuss what the different buildings housed and how the era of digital printing impacted the industry.

Turning at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese we then came to the house of Dr. Samuel Johnson, who wrote the first English Dictionary. From there we walked on towards Chancery Lane, were we came across a living wall. The walk then finished at Lincoln Inn Fields, from where we made our way home.

A Living Wall in The City

All in all a short but pleasant walk in central London, walking streets we had never seen and learning things we had not known.

Looking forward to the next set of walks by Walk London!



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