Posted by: annmucc | February 7, 2010

Adventures of the Tube Replacement Service

Ahh! The beauty of the rail replacement service!

The Jubilee line, which is the tube line we are on, is closed most weekends for works on the line. The end of these closures has been moved so many times that I have given up keeping track of it. This might sound all doom and gloom. However…there is one good thing that comes out from this…there are free buses that run between stations on a ‘tube replacement service’. We have used this quite a bit to get from home to the centre. However, today was the first time we actually used it for its own sake.

Typical Replacement Bus Notice

After finishing cleaning this morning, and resting for a bit, Michael announced that he wanted to get the tube replacement buses away from central London and go for a walk in one of the parks next to a station. Did I want to join? Not exactly the first plan I would have had for a grey day like today…but sure! why not? We/he settled or Fryent Country Park as like this we could stop at Kingsbury station and walk to Wembley park station. During the ‘Autumn Ambles‘ walk we had walked in approximately a West to East direction, while this time we walked approximately North to South.

First off was getting the rail replacement service. Hmm…it ended up taking much longer than we expected, and we passed through some pretty downcast-looking areas. However, we finally got to Kingsbury! From there we made our way to the park. The park was as I remembered it…just much MUCH muddier underfoot. Getting there we admitted that it maybe wasn’t the best decision to take to walk on the muddy paths available, but we were there, and so off we went. Luckily my shoes are waterproof (though Michael’s weren’t ;)).

Fryent Country Park

Soon however we were out of the park. I was quite surprised as I had thought that it would take longer. Out of the park we just had to walk towards the Wembley stadium arch.On the way we came across an ASDA supermarket, so we decided to stop by and get some shopping done, before getting on the bus back home.

Wembley Stadium Arch as seen from the Park (taken during the Autumn Ambles Walk)

Before getting home we had decided to stop for a wrap from the Lebanese restaurant/take-away close by. We had eaten there once and really liked it. However, today I came out a bit less satisfied. We asked for a wrap and got the ingredients rather than in a wrap with the wrap/pitta bread split into two and prepared similar to a sandwich – NOT easy to eat…it was a mess and I couldn’t enjoy eating it. To add insult to injury then we were told that as we had a sandwich (when we asked for a wrap…) it cost more!!! GRRRR. Oh well, we paid and were on our way. Last time I said I definitely would return. However, after today I am not as sure. Will see how I feel after I calm down I guess :).



  1. Hii..Its so wonderful to read about your experiences…Looking forward to reading your future posts and nice to know a fellow expat blogger.

  2. […] but Karen and I immediately spotted each other though we had never met! From the station we got the tube replacement bus to Willesden Green where we went to drop off her stuff at home and then made our way for breakfast […]

  3. […] plan was that since the tube replacement service was up and running for another weekend, and following our last visit to Asda last time we took it […]

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