Posted by: annmucc | February 7, 2010

Fleeting Visits

Another weekend and another visit. This time round however it was quite a short one – Thursday night to Saturday afternoon – by Adrian. Adrian started a PhD at UCL last year at the same time as I did. We met in Malta through a group of people who were all coming up to London to study at the same time. Being at the same university and Maltese we sort of kept in touch, particularly when he started going out with a friend in common.

Adrian and I in front of UCL

Although Adrian is doing a PhD in London, he is based in Malta this year and is coming up to London every few weeks (he should be starting a blog here, but not much progress yet :P). He normally stays in a hotel every time he comes up. Michael and I have been telling him he should stay at our place  a number of times but for some reason or other it never happened – until now!

Adrian arrived in Willesden Green at midnight on the night between Thursday and Friday. I was expecting him much later so it was a nice surprise to have a full night at least! Friday was full of meetings for him with his supervisor – the beauty of having someone here who knows the place!…you don’t need to entertain them or help them plan stuff as they have their own stuff to do! Well, we didn’t spend much time together during the day on Friday besides breakfast, but then came the evening 🙂

We had decided to have take-away pizza and beer for our dinner. So Adrian brought the pizza and beer + cider, while we provided the dessert (and more beer! Michael wasn’t convinced that a 6 pack of beer would be enough for three….pffff! In the end it was – as Adrian and I shared a beer and a cider, while Michael drank 4 beers :P). It was a nice relaxed evening of eating (and overstuffing ourselves :P), Masterchef Australia (weeee…I didn’t have to miss the episode :D) and drinking (not much for me…I don’t need too much to start feeling sleepy :P). We also introduced Adrian to Carcassone…weeee! – and luckily he was OK with it unlike my friends, who consider a punishment for staying with me!

Saturday morning dawned. As Adrian was leaving in the afternoon we still had quite some time together. So first off we went for a walk to the nearby Gladstone park. Unfortunately it was quite misty so we couldn’t really appreciate the park, and the Wembley Park arch was not even visible! From the park we went to the supermarket, where we picked up the few missing ingredients for fajitas for lunch. Back home Adrian packed while we cooked. A few minutes later, food was on the table – mmmm! We ate and unfortunately it was then time for Adrian to be off…Goodbyes said – I’m sure we’ll see him soon 😀 (especially as he should be moving to London with his girlfriend for this last year of PhD studies…weeee!)

Wembley Park as seen from Gladstone Park at Sunset

Ahh – but that wasn’t the only visit we had this weekend! A friend of Michael’s from Prague was in town visiting some family. So Saturday evening saw us making our way into town for a drink. It was nice to be out on the town and just talk with someone…and not the same people :)…and it’s nice that she talks more than me :P.

All in all a good weekend so far.  Today was set aside for cleaning…so now we have a quite clean house at least! All that’s left is that the clothes are all washed, dried, and folded, and we can then relax for the rest of the day…weeee!



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  2. good to know how you spent your weekend with Ady…he was in good hands phew 🙂 (well i had no doubt about that) 🙂

  3. @ Joanne: hehe – had any doubt? 😉

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