Posted by: annmucc | February 13, 2010

Weeee – Meeting Up

Remember Lou and Alex? We had couchsurfed their place in Cambridge, then they had couchsurfed at Michael’s in Prague, and then us girls met up one Friday evening to go check out The Photographer’s Gallery. We have kept in touch over the past year, and on their suggestion we met up yesterday.

The plan was to meet up at Tate Modern after work. Lou works in London and Alex came down for meeting up. The main exhibit we wanted to see was Miroslaw Balka‘s ‘Box of Darkness’. This is a big container which is shrouded in darkness…you go in and literally see nothing in front of you! I am not too appreciative of the dark, and as we were inside I told Michael “There is no way I am going to touch the end of this trailer”…2seconds later everyone heard a scream…I had bumped straight into it! I was literally some 20cm away from the end when I said that and I couldn’t see ANYTHING! Michael and the other two found it hilarious of course…I didn’t ;).

Box of Darkness, Miroslaw Balka

After rushing back out (at least on the way out you can see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ ;)), we waited for the other two to walk out a bit more gracefully before deciding on going to see the Poetry and Dream Collection. I think I had walked through this during my visit during the Research Day Away. In particular I liked the ‘Thirty Pieces of Silver’ Exhibit by Cornelia Parker, which I remembered from last time, and ‘To an Unknown God’ by Pepe Espaliu (cannot find an image of it, but is was a series of 4 mops :)).

Thirty Pieces of Silver, Cornelia Parker

By now we were getting hungry so we started making our way along the Southbank to find something we liked. We came across The Real Greek. As we went in they told us that it was their first day opening and that we might have slower service than normal. They asked if we minded and we said it would be OK (now I read that it should have been closed yesterday :)). I liked the idea of ordering together and sharing around…a great experience for a restaurant I think rather than just having the possibility to taste one dish! We ordered quite a bit of dishes, from humus and beans, to lamb stifado, octopus, kebabs, tiropitakia, and fishcakes. MMM…a delicious meal I must admit. If there was anything I would complain about it would be that being seated next to the window it was cold!

A great evening in great company! It was the right antidote to a week of uni where I was pissed off, mopey, and angry at a number of events. It was great to relax!



  1. […] who enjoys themselves . On the Southbank we walked to Tate Modern as we wanted to show her the box by Miroslaw Balka. Rather than the poignant atmosphere I felt the last time I was there this time […]

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