Posted by: annmucc | February 14, 2010

My Story, Your E-mails

Another weekend, and another show at the Barbican. Looking back at my posts, this was my fifth visit there to see a show (though one was cancelled as the performed was hurt). These free tickets at the Barbican are really serving us well – it is great to be able to see performances in so many different genres, and get so many experiences, which I wouldn’t otherwise do as I would better not spend that money on treats.

This time round the performance was in the Pit. I hadn’t been in there yet, but for a more intimate performance it is of course much better. It was another show which Michael had wanted to see and I went along, but of course, as always, the shows he choses are great, while the one sole one I insisted on was not that interesting to us to say the least ;).

The performance we went to watch was My Story, Your Emails by Ursula Martinez. This show arose as a ‘Magic Striptease’ show she had performed was secretly filmed and put online. It is first about her life, giving you an insight into what she has experienced, both funny and sad. This is then followed by a showing of THE video ((couldn’t find it all online, but you can see a significant bit below). The last section consists of her reading out some of the (misguided?) e-mails she received from fans(?) after they saw the video online. It’s a very hilarious (and depressing!) showing of the one-track mind of a lot of people!

I went there with practically no expectations at all! But I emerged with a smile on my face and a giggle throughout. I think this was my first every comedic act I’ve watched (though Michael has been suggesting it for quite a while)…I wasn’t disappointed.

And just in case you’re wondering…yes she does get her kit of at the end of the show ;).


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