Posted by: annmucc | February 15, 2010

A Valentine Day

As you I am sure know, yesterday was Valentine’s day. As I am hopeless at planning anything, I left it all up to Michael. Was that a good move? Hmm…not the nicest thing to do from my side, especially as I already knew what I wanted to do, and of course Michael doesn’t read minds :). The morning was a pretty relaxed one. We didn’t get up to much, besides a late morning, some fried eggs for breakfast, then some e-mail checking and blog writing. The planned day was to start in the afternoon. I was watching something on TV (cannot remember what it was right now, but anyways). When it finished at around 1pm we went to change an were on our way.

First stop was Golders Green. From there the plan was to make our way across Hampstead Heath. We hadn’t been there yet so it was a good idea. Unfortunately, it was grey and the paths muddy, and I had made the very enlightened idea to go in heels (luckily my low ones). I had imagined a romantic day with us being slightly pampered, but trekking across muddy paths in heels does not exactly fulfil that :P. But oh well, the park IS gorgeous, with everything from well-kept lawns, to wilder areas, with ponds in places, and also a deer park. There was a part where we walked on a bridge going over two ponds, and this is where my mood started lifting and I put away thoughts of the greyness and mud and started enjoying the environment and the people (i.e. Michael ;)) I was with…that of course was what Michael had in mind :).

The Bridge (Maybe?) in Hampstead Heath

We arrived at the restaurant around an hour early…not good! The place was busy and they told us that our table was busy so we had to come back at the time we had booked. Oh well. Should we wait? We decided to make our way to the surrounding area as we had never been there, and in the process to look and see if we see anything which caught our fancy. Next to Hampstead Heath rail station we came across this gorgeous pub which stole my heart when I saw it: Garden Gate pub. We went across and the prices seemed decent. We really liked the way it looked at went inside to see if they had a free place. After some time waiting some people started to leave: “May we take your table” “Sure”. We had a table! And in a much nicer, and soulful place (and cheaper ;)) than the one we had booked! Stay here? Sure!

Garden Gate pub, in better weather

So what was for our lunch? We both had roast dinners, with Michael opting for the beef, while I opted for the lamb. The meals didn’t take too long to come, but before I dug in I realised that mine was missing a Yorkshire pudding! I asked about it and without any arguments I very quickly got two Yorkshire puddings on my table…WOW! I was impressed :). The food was very good and good portions for a decent price – definitely couldn’t complain.

After eating we were quite full, but we wanted dessert. Hmm…what to do? Well, we had seen some board games as we were entering…should we play a bit? Sure!

The choice fell on Cluedo, as Monopoly and Risk would take too long, and Michael always feels disadvantaged at Scrabble against me ;). Oh well…I still won :D. The murder was done by Mrs Peacock, in the Guest House with a candlestick :). By the end of the game it was then definitely time for dessert. However we couldn’t manage one each, so we opted for the sharing platter, with a piece of brownie and ice-cream, vanilla cheesecake and berry compote, and profiteroles. MMMM…delicious!

Feeling stuffed, happy and sated it was time to make our way home. Back home we snuggled up to watch The Mexican which we borrowed from our flatmates collection. By the end of the film I was falling off to sleep (as always) so that ended the day. Our first Valentines Day together (we have always been apart these last few years on this day), and definitely a good one 🙂 Thanks Michael for planning!



  1. YEAH…well we went to Carnival for Valentine’s and then we watched Sisterjhood of the Travelling pants 2 (we saw the 1 on Sat haha)

  2. glad to see my advice to take sunday roast was not for nothing

  3. […] going to be a picnic later on by the westhampstead group. We were there early so we stopped at the Garden Gate for a pint and a few board games: first Frustration and then Trivial Pursuit (which we all did […]

  4. […] Last Valentine’s day I left everything in Michael to organise everything. Unfortunately this meant that I didn’t get what I was envisaging. So this year once Michael bought tickets to a cabaret show, I said I would be the one responsible for dinner. This did not really work out as nowhere I would have liked to go to was open when we needed it to be. So we ended up going to Greenwich on the day and look around for a place to eat in. Luckily for us there were quite a number of free places. Our decision however fell on the Italian restaurant Bianco43.  We both really liked the clean decor and the menu looked good, so in we went. […]

  5. […] it was a great idea. We finished the walk with a pub lunch at the Golden Gate, which we had been to last year for Valentine’s day. I wasn’t too impressed with the food, but it was decent […]

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