Posted by: annmucc | February 16, 2010

Tracking and Burning

Ahh – Food tracking! That’s what I am talking about here :).

While looking for stuff online yesterday, Michael came across DailyBurn. As you probably have guessed by now, it’s a website which allows you to track what you’re eating and what exercise you’re doing every day, while tracking your weight. I have been moaning a bit about the weight I gained over Christmas (besides all the weight I have gained along the years :P), so I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to join.

So the last two days I’ve been busy(?) tracking what I eat. What have I realised? I’ve realised I don’t eat nowhere near enough protein, though I have a very carbohydrate-rich diet – oh how I love my carbs! From bread and pasta to potatoes and all…mmmm! The best feature of the website for me is that you can search in their database of foods and products and it will tell you the number of calories, carbohydrates, proteins etc. Never having been any fan of calorie counting or label reading, and never even thinking about following any of this sort of eating habits, this way is a much easier way of doing things: I just need to say what I eat and it will tell me how many calories I should be eating in my allowance for the day, and divide that into ‘nutrition goals’ for carbs, proteins and fats (if you want to pay for the service you can get others as well, such as fibre etc, but I’m happy as I am right now :P). What has surprised me however is that on both days I haven’t eaten more than the calorie recommendation range, or even anywhere near…I always thought I ate too much, but I guess my problem could be that I just eat a lot on one day which ruins everything.

Calories and Nutrition Facts - WEEEEE 😛

I have never been interested in diets (or ever been on one, besides going for walks when the weather was nice in Malta), especially ones which restricted what I ate ;). Hopefully however this website will be my way of starting to understand more of what I am eating and to make more informed decisions on that. Also it will hopefully make me realise how little exercise I am getting here in the UK and get me off my backside and onto the roads (when the weather is nicer though ;)…it’s the most rain I’ve seen in London this year today! – first time I got my jacket out)

To a healthier Ann!



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