Posted by: annmucc | February 18, 2010

Bloggy Valentines: Another LBM

Yesterday was the February edition of ‘London Bloggers Meetup‘. It’s been a year now since my first one, but it’s still great to have somewhere once a month to go to, meet up with people, relax, drink and just enjoy the evening (not to say all the prizes that are given out…but I’ll say more about that later).

First up Michael and I met up (he came over 30mins later…grrr…but he’s excused as the tube stopped and he had to walk/run from Covent Garden to St. Paul’s O:)) at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. We had a voucher for 2 burgers and fries to share for £12, which is why we had decided to opt for it. It was our first time there…food is good (I had the Greek lamb burger…mmm) but nothing extraordinary…will go again…maybe not this week though :).

From there we then walked to the City Tavern where the meetup was organised. We get there and there’s free food and drinks (why did we go eat before huh?). MMM…typical northern and southern English food (veeeeery fatty :P, but still managed to maintain the calories I should have eaten…weee!). After quite a bit of mingling, drinking and talking was done then the evening talks started.

First up was a short presentation by the brewers of Greene King IPA, who were the sponsors of the evening (thanks guys!). They explained how beer should be tasted and also discussed a bit about beer and the company. The second speaker was then Lorena who spoke about social media for charities, asking for some hints to help her on her way to increase the social media profile of the charity Azafady.

Following the speeches the ‘most exciting’ part of the evening came up…the prizes! Green King IPA had organised a competition prior to the event where we had to answer a number of questions about north and south. The prizes were 1 one night stay at an Old English Inn, three pairs of tickets for rugby games to teams that the company sponsors, and the last was a number of crates of beers. There were only 8 people and 5 prizes, so the odds were good if we had got the answers right…the names were drawn…oh wait!…2 of the names drawn were not there, so they were ineligible to win…even better odds…all the prizes draw…we didn’t win…but guess who’s name was the 8th???


yes MINEEE!!!!

I was APPALLED and AGHAST to say the least. I could have really done with the overnight stay ;). Let’s just say I was NOT happy :(. But oh well, I have already won a £75 voucher from House of Fraser last year.

Oh well…wish me luck for next time!

Ahh – and say well done to Michael ;). He won the weekend break at the Kempinski Resort in Gozo via their blog competition ;). Check out his entry here.



  1. what an interesting evening. we should join something like that when we get there. Re michael…wow his post was really nice! he really deserves it. Better luck next time for you…. but 75 pounds at HOF uuuu!!! very nice!! 🙂

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