Posted by: annmucc | February 21, 2010

Another Weekend, More Visitors

Yeps…this weekend we had visitors again!

In January Christabelle and her boyfriend Julian were in London and we met up for shopping and some sightseeing. However, this time they were here for the weekend and were staying at our place! Like Michael and I in the beginning they have a long-distance relationship with her in Brussels and him in Malta, so it was nice to do a ‘good turn’ and help another couple in need ;).

Both of them arrived at Heathrow airport within an hour of each other on Friday night. We let them make their way over to our place together (they still had the Oyster cards we had lent them last time they were over here in January and they can figure out London transport so there was no real need for us to go meet them at the airport). They arrived at our place around 10:30/11pm on Friday night, where talked a bit and they ate some of the pizza we had leftover from our own dinner (we had made extra just for this case) before going off to bed.

Saturday was the one whole day we had together. We had already made plans to go see the matinée performance of 11 and 12 by Peter Brook at the Barbican (yes…I made Christabelle sign up so we could get free tickets for all ;)). I have not been feeling all that well lately, and it seems like it caught up with me at the show. Before the show I told the others that all my eyes wanted to do was close! And it fact that is what they did. The play was good, but my eyes just could not keep open, and I dozed on and off throughout the performance. Luckily I still managed to get the gist of it so I could enjoy the parts I saw :). What I liked most though I think was the sole musician in the show, who was responsible for all the background music using a variety of different instruments and singing…wow! You can here Peter Brook talk about the play, see parts of the play, and hear some of the music in the video below.

After the Barbican we stopped for a sandwich before making out way for Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral. As I have mentioned previously in this blog Michael and I do enjoy going to Evensongs in different churches/cathedrals when we are visiting somewhere new or have visitors, so we decided this would be a good chance for the others to see the cathedral and to attend another Evensong (though none of us are Anglican). So in we went

Following Evensong it was around 6pm. The others were not hungry, having had a sandwich around an hour earlier, so we decided to walk towards central London till we got hungry :). We ended up in Soho were we grabbed some food before going off home.

At home we watched ‘Birthday Girl‘ with Nicole Kidman. We (finally!) managed to get the dvd player working on the tv in the living room (Michael and I have tried a number of times, but for some reason never figured it out before yesterday :P). Wonder of wonders we all stayed awake throughout the whole film – WOW! – after which we went off to sleep.

Today, Sunday, was then a VERY lazy day. After a late morning we had a small breakfast followed by some TV watching. Yesterday we had planned to cook lasagna so we then made the red sauce before playing a game of Scotland Yard. I was the criminal but unfortunately they caught me close to the end – boohoo! After the game we finished making the lasagna and put it in the oven. We ate, cleaned and by then it was time for the other two to start packing and preparing to leave.

We have just seen them off. It was a good relaxed weekend, unlike other times when we have visitors where we do much more sightseeing. Good to have a chilled weekend with friends though! Christabelle will be back in 3 weeks, when Marilyn will also be visiting me, in a repeat of last year’s visit…weee!

Now we’re preparing to finish this weekend with another film 🙂 I’m off 🙂



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