Posted by: annmucc | February 25, 2010

And the Good People Appear!

As I was going home I though I would buy some muffins to surprise Michael. On my way home I always pass a confectionery with lovely home-made cakes and desserts. I had bought some on Michael’s birthday but I don’t like to indulge myself too much. However today I decided to take the plunge. So I go into the shop, select some chocolate muffins and go to pay…Hmm…I did’t have enough cash. Would they give me time to go get some money from the cash machine? Sure! So off I go…one problem though! The bank has changed the cards to Visa debits and sent me a new one…but of course I didn’t put it in my purse! So no money for me! Dejected I go back to the shop to let them know I won’ be able to take them, but the owner just said: ‘No just take them…you can come pat for them tomorrow!

I was surprised. I would not be surprised if this happened in my hometown in Malta…but in London? Never!

On another positive note we received an e-mail from Karen at empty-nest-expat: She is coming back to Europe this week and will be in London this weekend! I had heard of her from Michael when they both were in Prague., and followed her problems with staying in Prague and Visas last time round. So looking forward to meeting her now! Have heard so much and will finally meet her!

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