Posted by: annmucc | February 28, 2010

Karen in London! – Day 1

As I said at the end of yesterday’s post, we were waiting for Karen to arrive. Of course, she arrive, but what did we get up to?

We met up at West Hampstead Station as the Jubilee line was only running to there. We arrived at the same time from opposite sides, with all of us still a bit dazed, but Karen and I immediately spotted each other though we had never met! From the station we got the tube replacement bus to Willesden Green where we went to drop off her stuff at home and then made our way for breakfast at the ‘Anatolian Flame‘. This is a restaurant close by which we haven’t visited. I liked the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that we didn’t feel rushed at all. We sat there lazily eating breakfast and, more importantly, catching up!

After having filled up ourselves with food we then returned home for some time before heading out to the joys of London!…and oh what joys! It was great to have someone who gets excited about stuff even more than me :D.

We took the bus to Tottenham Court Road Station to be able to show Karen some first sights, including Oxford Street without having to walk through it! From there we made our way to Covent Garden, which Michael hadn’t visited yet either. Karen’s amazement at the street performers was something not to be missed! It was hilarious and uplifting to see someone who’s not scared of enjoying herself whatever she is doing! This is one of the performers we saw:

From Covent Garden we made our way to the Southbank. Again she was so excited by the London Eye, Big Ben, and the bridges we saw! Ahh – it’s a joy to be with someone who enjoys themselves :). On the Southbank we walked to Tate Modern as we wanted to show her the box by Miroslaw Balka. Rather than the poignant atmosphere I felt the last time I was there this time round it felt more like a fair ride…probably due to the larger number of people this time round and Karen’s enthusiasm :). At Tate Modern we also went to look at one of the free galleries before heading back home.

By this time Karen was definitely feeling the jetlag! However we first stopped to sample the delights of another local restaurant we haven’t tried yet: Spice 6. The others ordered samosas for starters though I decided to skipped that and steal one of Michael’s :P. For main courses I got Chicken Tikka Masala, Michael got a chicken, spinach and onion dish while Karen got a vegetable mix dish, while we brought garlic naan, tandoori roti and steamed rice to share.

I am always scared of eating spicy food, but oh what a delight! The food was definitely gorgeous, and the service pleasant while not too intrusive. A very good ending for a very good day. Oh WHY??? haven’t we tried the place before??

Back home we then relaxed a bit before we all had an early night.

Can’t wait for today to start!



  1. Has 2day started???

    I’m waiting for Bee to come…cos we’re off to celebrate his mum’s bday…then (hopefully) softball game…then work on my thesis maps (if we feel like it)…then ZAK activity…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Hehe – issa qamet 🙂 GL! u ghidilha Happy birthday 😀

  3. indian? that’s on our to do list ta mela 😀

  4. Iwa Mar! It was great…we should…and Christa…it won’t be too spicy promise 😀

  5. […] week I need to get to uni Thursday she spent shopping and we met up after uni for a return trip to Spice 6 which was as successful as the first. Friday I then sent her off for a visit to the Science Museum […]

  6. […] in November, Jan and Kirsti in December, and so far this year Adrian, Julian and Christabelle, Karen, and Marilyn and Christabelle then in March, (repeating last year’s visit…weee!), […]

  7. […] decision fell on Spice 6. We have already been there 3 times before (here with Karen, here with Marilyn, and once on our own), but I think it is one of our favourite places […]

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