Posted by: annmucc | March 7, 2010

Rugby? Manganiyar’s to the Rescue!

Today Michael and I were planning to go to High Wycombe to watch a rugby game between London Wasps and Gloucester. How did we get the tickets? Well, as I said in my post about the last blogger’s meetup, I was the only one eligible to win a prize who got nothing! However, luckily(?) one of the guys who won, Peter (who is also a photographer) said he wasn’t that interested in going and would probably miss the game, and was happy to give us the tickets…woohooo! My complaining wasn’t in vain!

So why is the word rugby struck out in the title? Well, yesterday Michael and I planned everything for the trip…except one thing…and this morning we woke up all geared to go off to rugby and COULDN’T FIND THE TICKETS…yeps! We have NO idea where they went to…we spent over an hour looking for them but the only good thing that came out from that is that we now have an organised room!

Well, we sulked a bit but there was nothing else to do.

Michael however remembered that besides the rugby tickets we also had had freeb tickets for a show at the Barbican (yeps – we are making good used of these tickets :)). There wasn’t much we could do about the rugby tickets, so rather than moping at home at the loss of a day we were both looking forward to (we haven’t ever been to any sports event!), off we went!

The show we had tickets for was The Manganiyar Seduction. The Manganiyars are Muslim musicians from India and the show brings them all together in one place, one structure, producing “a compelling feast for eye, ear and the spirit”. The show set up was inspired by the famous windows of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. As the windows open and the lights come on, musicians enter into the songs and rhythms going on, producing an enticing and seducing choreography of music and movement.

What about the show then?

The show had its ups and downs for me. There were parts which didn’t really draw me in and I could feel myself dosing off and my mind wandering. However, unlike the Cloud show we had seen some months back, the ongoing music soon changed, drawing you back in as both an observer as well as a participant. The way the lights and the music interacted was great, as was the changes in styles and sounds going on, with at times one musician playing, to all the musicians playing and signing at others. I would probably keep the show as it is except for on thing: at the end of the show they started having the windows lighting up in lines up and down and left and right, probably to interact with the speed of the music. However, to me the strobe-like lighting effect which ensued was quite distracting and head-ache inducing.

Anyways, why am I talking about it…you should definitely experience it yourself if you could make it. You can whet your appetite with this trailer:


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