Posted by: annmucc | March 14, 2010

And the Girls are in Town!

Weeee – the girls were in town! Which girls? Well, Marilyn and Christabelle, Lara and Steph. Yeps! All fours of them…at one go…great!

Marilyn was the first to arrive (from Malta) on Wednesday night. As during the week I need to get to uni Thursday she spent shopping and we met up after uni for a return trip to Spice 6 which was as successful as the first. Friday I then sent her off for a visit to the Science Museum and a free walking tour of Royal London. After that she met up with Christabelle at King’s Cross as she was getting of the Eurostar from Brussels from where they made their way to watch Billy Elliot.

While Christabelle and Marilyn where at the show, Lara arrived in London from Kent where she lives. Lara broke her heel when she was at our house! but luckily Michael managed to sort of mend it enough for the shoes to last till the next day. Christa and Marilyn were soon home too so we had a good natter the four of us (+ Michael) before we went to sleep.

Saturday morning Lara had a conference in London which she had to get off to in the morning so I saw her off, before waiting for the other two to get up. When they did us three girls and Michael went off to St John’s wood from where we walked along the canal to Camden Market.

Regent's Canal

Both hadn’t visited the market so it was good fun to look around with them. After grabbing some food at the market we then decided to go off to High Street Kensington to visit the TK Maxx there. Michael sanely bid us goodbye and went off home.

Christabelle, me and Marilyn at Camden Market

We arrived at High Street Kensington and started looking around. Soon Lara and Steph’s conference (they are both doctors here, and where at the conference together) was over and they came over to meet up with us – weeeee! The five girls were together! We dropped into H&M first as they had discounted blazers and jackets. Unfortunately what I liked did not fit properly so I went out with no jacket. Nevertheless as always Christabelle managed to convince me to buy a dress :). So yeps – I have another dress. We then finished the shopping spree in TK Maxx.

What to do at the end of the day? No problem! We went to the supermarket, stocked up on some nibbled and wine…and off home we went! Another night of talking – in addition to eating (too much!) and drinking. We haven’t all been together in ages so it was good :).

Sunday dawned a nice day :). The plan was to go and watch St Patrick’s Day Parade in central London. We ended up leaving a bit late as we called John all the way in Kenya (read his adventures here). When we arrived the parade had already started. But oh well :)…we enjoyed the rest of the parade and then headed for coffee till it started being time for the girls to start to disperse. We saw Christabelle, Lara and Steph off at the tube station while Marilyn, Michael and I made our way home. Marilyn just had to pick up her luggage and she was off again very soon.

Costumes at St Patrick's Day Parade in London

We also passed by Malta House on Pall Mall! We were excited – all except Christabelle who works in ‘Malta House’ in Brussels, and found our excitement a bit too much 😛

Four Excited Maltese having spotted Malta House (and one bored one)

A very eventful weekend, but oh so nice to be around people and catch up :). Come back again…please do 😀

The Five Girls


  1. 1 missing 😦

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