Posted by: annmucc | March 20, 2010

Comedy with Jim Gaffigan

The good people over at seefilmfirst did it again…they offered us tickets and we took them up on the offer.

This time round the offer was for tickets to watch Jim Gaffigan at Shaw Theatre. We arrived early to get the tickets before making our way over to O’Neill’s for some dessert. I had the chocolate fudge cake (which was ENORMOUS) and Michael had the sundae…all good, except the fact that we waited over 30mins for the desserts to arrive! I don’t know what happened there…

Anyways, the desserts arrived just in time for us to eat them and make our way across the road to the Theatre. The warm-up act was Micky Flanagan. He joked around about the baby crying in the audience, his kids, and about being out out vs popping out and just being out. A decent warm-up act to the main act. Check his out out joke and others here:

Then Jim Gaffigan came on stage. What did I think of it? I think he had a good set of jokes but, as with him describing himself as lazy, I think the jokes are a bit lazy as well. They are all in the same line of thought (about him being lazy and fat) that after a while you don’t get as excited about the jokes as you were in the beginning (except it seemed the couple next to me, who had the most irritating laughs, together with the man always seeming to get the jokes late and laughing when all the others, including Jim, had got over the joke). Nevertheless at least it was funny – and after all that was the aim.

Would I have paid £30 for the tickets though? Probably not, and I would have been disappointed if that is what I have got for the money! But then…maybe that style of comedy is just not my style and it’s nothing to do with Jim Gaffigan’s talents…


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