Posted by: annmucc | March 20, 2010

Popping into Brent Museum

Did you know that the borough of Brent has a Museum? And the good thing is that the museum, together with the Brent Archives, are located in the Willesden Green library centre. Neither Michael nor me have been in there before, though I’ve at least have always peered wonderingly up the stairs every time I visited the library. However, today after our trip to the butcher and in to the library, before our visit to the supermarket, we decided to have a look see.

Willesden Green Library Centre

As you would expect, the museum is not enormous. It has a main space with displays on life in Brent, from transport to housing to schools and everything in between. It also has a separate space for what I understood to be temporary exhibition space. Right now the temporary exhibit was about an architect, Trowbridge (I think), who is known for the cheaper timber housing he designed to house the masses quickly and cheaply after the war.

We didn’t stay there too long (we had fresh meat in our bag from the butcher for the lovely stew we were going to make…mmm) but the time in there allowed me to learn so much about the place I am living it. It was interesting to see that the museum wasn’t built in isolation from the community but with the community in mind, with schoolchildren working on projects as to how they see their school now, and other practical activities dotted around the museum.

I didn’t see it all, but I should definitely get back there to see the rest!

Ahh – and how haven’t I mentioned this? Around the library was also where there was the St Patrick’s Day Parade earlier this week :). So fun :D.

St Patrick's Day Parade in Willesden Green


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