Posted by: annmucc | March 24, 2010

And he’s done it again!

Jorge over at PhDComics has done it again! I have been following his comics since very soon after I started my PhD, and also got to meet him. Most of his comics hit very close to the truth for me (and most other PhD students it seems). However, today’s comic deserved a mention here, not least because this is how I feel most of the time…that due to the fact that everyone is oh so itnerested in interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity nowadays, researchers and students end up with a lot of lose ends all over the place…I would not say all of these are relevant but I would definitely add a few others like:

Most of my classes are on…yet technically my degree is in…but it would be more productive if I learnt…

And He's Done it Again

As you might have guessed I am doing an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary PhD. What do I think about that? Sometimes I think it would be better if PhDs were limited to single subjects to get a very ground grounding in it which you can then go on to apply this knowledge to other fields. And this is not just me saying it…I’ve heard it spoken about in amongst others courses at Uni.



  1. haha 🙂 this is a good one ann !! .. 😀

  2. Glad you approve ;). Very obvious that you’re a PhD student 😛 Only us seem to appreciate them 😛

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