Posted by: annmucc | March 26, 2010

Storming the International Criminal Tribunals

This week I received an e-mail from the good people over at seefilmfirst about a special preview being held for the film Storm. The preview involved first a showing of the film and then a panel discussion organised by Amnesty International on the issues arising from the film. Was Michael interested? Of course! So off we went.

I didn’t have much time to read up about the film as I was busy doing university stuff this week (yes – I actually get to work there ;)). I am a notoriously bad film-watcher, where I drop off to sleep in the middle of films or just walk off if I’m home as I get bored. However, this film did not allow me to do any of that. It really grabbed my attention right off the bat. (I didn’t even keep on looking at the time!)

So what is the film about? The films shows a fictional account of the trial of one general at the Hague, from the problems with witnesses, issues of proof, witness protection, and getting justice for victims. Though, as the people on the panel stated, it is not all realistic, particularly the political wrangling going on, it was still very enlightening on the way things are done and different problems with getting justice done, and justice for whom?

The panel discussion following the film was by 3 people from Amnesty (I think), and a diplomat. They discussed the issues from their point of view and gave their view on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly for the victims of war time rape.

And an aside for the Maltese now. Guess who the diplomat was? It was Charles Crawford! Yeps – if you’re following the highly entertaining saga going on at Maltastar/DaphneCaruana Galizia Blog etc etc, he is the diplomat who got -very confusingly for him – messed up in all of it! He also got the same tube line as us and sat right across from us. I couldn’t stop smiling to myself at this poor guy who innocently got confused in all of it and seemed quite bewildered at it all.

Ahh – the foibles of the Maltese – I love them so 🙂 (though not too sad to be having a respite from them ;))

PS: Michael has pipped me at the post for this event and actually posted up a blog before me. Check it out here. As always, he never ceases to amaze me for the dedication he puts into his posts to learn more about the subject himself and give the readers some further insight into the stories.


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