Posted by: annmucc | March 26, 2010

Top Blogs with Last

The first event Michael and I attended this week was‘s launch party for Oh You Lucky Bloggers, which is a monthly list of the top travel and lifestyle blogs about the good stuff. Just in case you’re wondering – No, I am not on the list…my only aspirations to grandeur here is the fact that my blog is on the expat top blogs (which I am quite chuffed about even though I didn’t know what alltop was at the beginning ;)). Maybe I should blog more about the free stuff I get to do in London? ;).

Well, the event started with drinks for everyone and mingling. We then got some talks from a couple of people, though I am not sure I got the point of the presentations in that environment from everyone who gave the talks. But maybe that’s me – I’m strange! – and I’ve got presentations going out of my ears right now so I really want to get to the point of stuff when I have to hear others!

Following the presentations the food came out – weee…delicious stuff! Though we were located on the opposite side from where the food was coming out – which did not allow much to reach us…boohoo! The evening then ended with a raffle but I wasn’t lucky there too :). It seems like I’ve been an unlucky girl!

Nevertheless it was great to meet people who’s blog’s I’ve been reading, like LLO, who is one of the nicest, happiest girls there I think :), meet up again with Epicurienne, and get to know some new ones to follow like Krista from Londonelicious and Karen from Europe a la carte.

One thing I want to say though after this and a couple of other experiences lately: are all Americans THAT excitable???? OMG! I don’t think I can ever go to live there!



  1. Hi thanks ever so much for coming to the event – we’ll make sure we get more food for the next one, grab me when you get there and I’ll ensure the serving staff get to you first. cheers, Eva

  2. Hehe – don’t worry – I didn’t go out of there hungry ;). I heard of delicious stuff other people mentioned after which didn’t seem to make an appearance on our side. I got what I came there for though: meeting people – WEEEEE!

  3. ๐Ÿ™‚ Aw, thanks! x

  4. @ LLO: I have been enjoying following your blog for a while so it was great to put a happy face to the writing ๐Ÿ™‚

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