Posted by: annmucc | March 28, 2010

A Saturday with our Housemate

We share our little abode in London with another couple: Warren and Merren. We have done stuff together, but normally we just chat a bit and enjoy each other’s company in the house. This week however Merren is abroad visiting friends so Warren has been pottering around the house looking quite lost (and talking A LOT to the cats ;)).

Shish and Mason

Our plan was that since the tube replacement service was up and running for another weekend, and following our last visit to Asda last time we took it to Wembley, we decided we could do a trip to Asda there for some food shopping. We asked Warren if he wanted anything and he asked if we could get him some pizzas…and then on second thoughts…if we wanted him to drive us to the supermarket. Oh…sure! We always take public transport here so driving anywhere is a luxury :).

So off we went…we shopped…and started driving back home. We had planned to make some carrot and ginger soup, but Warren suggested he’d make a stir-fry for all of us. Oh sure! We will also get to see him using the Wok :). So what we ended up doing was that we made our soup and he made his stir-fry. Of course the stir fry is much faster to make so we ate that for lunch. Then after the siesta we had the soup ready for eating. WEEEE. Delicious! I really really like this recipe.

This wasn’t the end of the day together though! He also suggested that we make it down to The Salusbury close by in Queen’s Park. Sure! We haven’t had much of a nightlife here in London, so any excuse for a drink we definitely took it up! I liked the pub and the atmosphere there. We sat down and drank our beers (Warren and Michael) and lager Shandy (for me). It was a nice relaxing evening sitting there drinking and talking, about everything from religion to travel. It was definitely apparent though to my poor legs that I have not been drinking! They did go a bit funny even after two half-pints of shandy!

The Salusbury

A good relaxed Saturday – just what I needed after not feeling too well over the past week and having to work from home on Friday!



  1. miiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww xD

  2. You seem to know the sound quite well 😛

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