Posted by: annmucc | March 28, 2010

Market Cycling

Don’t worry, I have not entered the world of marketing (or of selling for that matter), OR become an avid cycling fan (Michael still needs to keep on working there), however today I did put the two together. How?

Well, Michael has been involved with cyclestastic for a while and has attended a few of their other events helping to fix bikes. I of course, have no knowledge of bike stuff, besides just about being able to ride a bike and not fall off (too often :P), so I never went along. However, some weeks ago Michael told me that today they had an event at a market where it would help if they had someone to help them out with organising stuff. Was I interested? Of course…I could go along to crack the whip on all the others and boss them around :).

So this morning saw us making our way down to the Farmer’s market at Queen’s park where the event ‘Dr Bike’ was to be held. We arrived just before 10am when the market opens and helped in the last bits of setting up. Then Josie, the organiser of this all let me know my job and off we went.

People started arriving slowly, bringing their bikes to get them fixed. A large amount of other people saw us there, asked what we were doing there, and skipped off back home to bring their bikes for fixing. We saw everything from people who just wanted a bell, to others with bikes falling apart and with no wheels! The ‘mechanics’ tried to solve what they could, and they mainly succeeded (except for the one bike with the wheels apart, broken wheel spokes and a multitude of missing parts).

Michael fixing the bike of two happy bikers 🙂

Over the period of 4 hours, with 6 mechanics in total (not all for the whole time), over 40 bikes were fixed and made more road-worthy. I think it was a very good event to make sure that the people getting on the roads are safer and as a source of information about cycling. Would I go again? Well, probably not if I was expected to fix bikes :). However if it meant that I got to crack my whip again…why not? 😉



  1. Whenever I am in London, I will happily come crack my whip alongside yourself 😀

    Two whip crackers coming up…BEWARE

  2. Hehe – not sure I want the competition 😛

  3. pfffffffffffff

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