Posted by: annmucc | March 30, 2010

Cat’s on Roofs and Family Get-Togethers

Michael had been hinting that he wants to go watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the West End for quite some time. However, for some reason or other (probably as we never got offered free tickets :P) we never got round to going. However, last week, as I was going round I saw that they were offering tickets for £10 each for the show. £10 was not including booking fee and for restricted view tickets, but oh well…it was good enough for us. Our seats where in the dress circle, but to the side of the auditorium. The seats were not very comfortable as we had to stay twisted, but after the first act we moved to two free sets in the front road in the middle…weeee! Anyways, so we booked the tickets and yesterday saw us in front of the Novello Theatre in Aldwych waiting for the play to start.

The play is about a black Southern family ‘in crisis’. It is the grandfather’s (Bid Daddy’s) birthday and all the family are together. However, there is one thing they know and he doesn’t: he has cancer, but it has been kept away from him (and his wife). The play goes through the wranglings that go on in the family, as on son is drowning his sorrows of a dead childhood friend and a quite loveless marriage, while the other son is conspiring to get as much out of his dying father (who has not made a will so far) for himself and his children.

It was an interesting view into the way human nature works and into the way people deal with each other, both in love and in hate, in a comic but thoughtful way – it first makes you laugh and then makes you think. It was definitely a £10 worth spending! However, if you want to go see the show, make it quick: the show’s run ends in around 2 weeks time!


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