Posted by: annmucc | April 5, 2010

A Visit to Bath: Day 1

Over Easter Michael and I were going to stay in the UK and no one was visiting. We decided that this would be a good time to explore around the UK itself…something we haven’t done much of. So we looked at a map, and looked at bus prices, and settled on Bath. So off to Bath we went!

We left London on Thursday early morning (Thursday was the start of uni closure for me) and arrived in Bath around 11:30. Guoda, who was to be our Lithuanian host for our stay, was there ready and eager to meet us. After saying our hellos we then made our way up to her dorms in the university (where she is studying) and dropped off our stuff. Unfortunately she had some studying to do so we then went off on our own.

What to do first though? Well, having researched the place online (woohoo to us :P) we knew that there were free walking tours organised around the city by the Mayor of Bath Honorary Guides. Free walking tours you said? Of course we were there!

We arrived a bit late at the starting point but we managed to figure out where they were and soon joined in with the small group making our way around Bath. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, pointing out stuff which we would definitely not have noticed on our own, while interspersing this with titbits of information. A very enlightening time and a very good way of introducing yourself to the main sights of Bath (you can see our guide from around 1:20mins on the video I posted in yesterday’s post).

The Guide pointing things out

After the walk we then took the time to walk around a bit on our own, taking in the city’s atmosphere, before making our way to O’Neills for dinner. During the walk the guide had pointed out that this pub had originally been a church so Michael was definitely interested to go in and see it! The food was also good and cheap, so why would I complain? 😉

O'Neill's: The pub which was a Church

At the pub we also were sitting next to a couple who live close to Bath and had come in for some dinner before going off to the theatre. Being the friendly people we are we soon got off to a conversation, and the hour and a half or so we spent there soon flew by.

The Friendly Couple (and I)

While sitting there we were also contemplating what to do in the evening. There was the Bath Comedy Festival on and we were trying to decide between some two or three items. The first was the first heat of a stand-up competition, the second was a comedy walk about Jane Austen’s work, and the last was the Bizarre Bath Comedy walk (which is held every day). The balance was tilting towards the stand-up competition. However, while sitting at the pub the lady we were talking to (who studied English at Oxford) soon set us right, and with a lot of excitement told us about Jane Austen’s work and encouraged us to attend that.

So that’s what we did: Jane Austen’s Bath Time it was!

So what was that? It was a walk around the city with characters from Jane Austen’s novels (and Jane Austen herself). At intervals we stopped as a scene was acted out. It was highly entertaining (especially when the actor who should be the more accident prone actually walked straight into a pole :P), and they also got Michael to dance :P. Not knowing much about Jane Austen beforehand I still managed to get into the event and enjoy it (even though it started raining half-way through – boohoo! – but that didn’t dampen our spirits!). From there we then made our way home to sleep – in preparation for the next day!

Movement in Jane Austen's Bath?


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