Posted by: annmucc | April 5, 2010

A Visit to Bath: Day 2

Friday! Our full day in Bath…what bliss!

We woke up and saw that the weather was looking quite OK, so decided to walk down to the city centre on foot (was it a good idea? Not sure! The hill is quite steep, and my shins are hurting from the exertion…but oh well :)).

11% INCLINE!!!!

Walking down however meant that we got to see more of the landscape and see Bath from above…wonderful! What I particularly like is that, like Malta, Bath is built out of limestone…it made it feel so like home šŸ˜€

View Walking Down to Bath

We had plans to go to the Good Friday service in the morning. However, as we had woken up earlier than we had planned, we were in the centre a bit earlier than planned. What to do? Well, we found a cute cafe on Pulteney bridge and stopped for some breakfast there…divine!

Shops on Pulteney Bridge

Cakes on Pulteney Bridge

After relaxing a bit in the cafe we then made our way to Bath Abbey for the service. When we arrived there we got to know that the service in the Bath Abbey was a shorter service compared to three walks going on around the city commemorating the via sagra stages. The three walks then all finished in front of the Abbey for the last three stations, in which we joined in. I would have loved to see what they did for Good Friday, but I am sure Michael was happy we missed it, especially as it was raining heavily!

Wet Band Players

After the service the plan was to go to the Roman Bath Museum. However, there was a long queue and it was raining…not a good combination! So we then decided to do the Fashion Museum then and do the Baths the next day. We had decided to go to this museum on the suggestion of a number of people (and the fact that we could buy a saver ticket for this and the Roman Baths Museum :P). I must say I wasn’t disappointed :). It was an interesting passage through the changes in fashion, and differences between day and evening clothes and other types of clothing. Very enlightening!

Trying on a Corset and Hoop Skirt

By this time however we were getting quite hungry! Michael had seen a bagel shop the day before as we were walking round, and he had set his little heart on a bagel :). Unfortunately we did not know where we had seen it :P. After a lot of people-asking and detours we finally found it! I got the daily special, the ‘Chic Greek bagel’…MMM delicious! Particularly or my first bagel ;).

The Bagel Display

What next? Well, the plan was to go to the Building of Bath Museum. Unfortunately, when we got there we found it closed! So back down to the city to walk around, before going off to the supermarket. Why? Well, we had told Guoda we would cook her lasagna Ā (she was working on Friday and Saturday – boohoo!) so we had to go buy the ingredients. Back home, we rested a bit before starting cooking. Guoda arrived as the sauce was ready, so we put the lasagna in the oven, and chatted a bit while the lasagna cooked, before digging in…mmmm…delicious!

After the lasagna Guoda and her friends had rented out one of the lecture rooms for a ‘Lithuanian group’ event…what was the event?…watching a film! So we watched Samson and Delilah in this big lecture room with 7 of us there…our own personal cinema…great! The film was a bit strange, with not a lot of words. However I must admit I did admire the capabilities of the actors…with limited words they still managed to get the point across. However I am not sure it would be a film I would choose myself šŸ˜›

Preparing for the Film

After the film it was back to the dorms for some hot chocolate before heading off to sleep…Good night!


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