Posted by: annmucc | April 5, 2010

Visit to Bath: Day 3

Our third and last day in Bath! We definitely did not want to waste this day, and 8am already saw us making our way down to the centre (bus came in handy today ;)). First on our list was a visit to the Roman Baths Museum. However, this only opens at 9am. Until it was time we took the time to walk through Guildhall Market and grab some breakfast – I got a cheese scone…yummy! From there it was then on the Roman Baths…yipppee!

Market Stall where we got Breakfast

The Roman Baths are definitely worth seeing I would say! The exhibits are nicely set up with enough information to satisfy you but not overwhelm you. Another thing which I liked about this and the Fashion Museum is that you get a free audio guide with the entrance fee…this meant that Michael and I were walking at similar speeds…woohoo! It would help though if you didn’t need to hold the receiver to your ear all the time…it gets tiring after 2hours :P.

Roman Baths with Bath Abbey in the Background

At the end of the trip around the Baths it was then on to getting a cup of the Bath water…yummy(?)…it tastes quite metallic, similar to other ‘health spa’ water I tasted at Karlovy Vary.

We were by now getting slightly peckish. I had seen some sausage rolls at a stall at the Guildhall Market the day before, but the stall was not open when we were there in the morning. However, my little heart was set on them, so we went to grab our lunch there…yipppeee!

Entrance to Guildhall Market

By now we though we deserved a treat after all the walking we had done…and this was our holiday after all! So how to relax in Bath? Of course! Go to the spas :). There were a number of options to choose from, but our decision fell on the smaller (and cheaper ;)) Cross Bath. I think it was a good decision, particularly as it was mainly just us and two others at any one time, as well as a good period with just us too…great 🙂

Cross Bath as we were Leaving: Empty!

After the relaxing waters we were quite unenthusiastic about moving much. However, we couldn’t waste our last few hours! So we tried our luck for a second time at the Building of Bath Museum…and it was open! We were shown a video at the start, which wasn’t very successful as we both nodded off at times. However, after the reinvigorating naps, we were both ready to view the collection! It is a nice museum, beautifully set and explained. So glad Michael insisted we go ;).

It was by now time to go off home to pack in preparation for our departure. However, before being off I had to make one last stop: at a butcher’s which was selling faggots! I had seen these around the place, but I didn’t know what they were. they only cost 50p, so I decided to bite the bullet, go into the shop and buy one. What they are is pork meatballs made of offal. Not something I would eat every day, but definitely worth the try!

Faggots at the Butcher's

After the snack we then made our way back to the dorms to pack, and get back down to the centre. there we grabbed some dinner in a pub close to the bus station, before going off to the bus station, where Guoda had come to say goodbye straight after work.

Guoda when we went to see her at the Cafe she works in

Goodbye Bath, and Goodbye Guoda…it was great seeing you both!

PS: Thanks to Michael for the photos! You can see more on his flickr site, here.


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