Posted by: annmucc | April 6, 2010

Spring is Here :)

It has actually arrived…and I hope it stays!

It is so much better now that the days are getting longer. Rather than the sun setting at around 4pm, it does so around 8pm…what bliss! It means that I can enjoy something of the place around me after I return from uni. Also, the temperatures are getting warmer…wipppee…such that yesterday we ‘celebrated’ by going out on our first bike-ride of the year (for me), followed by a walk in the park. It feels so good being able to go out and not freeze and not be worried (too much at least :P) that I will get sick.

Today the day looks even nicer than yest…so maybe another bike ride will be in order? Will see how long though…it depends on how sore my poor derriere is 😛


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