Posted by: annmucc | April 9, 2010

William and Greg…and Orkida, Drills and Wires(not)

Yesterday, Michael and I had tickets for the recording of the pilot for Wireless for Radio 4 by William and Greg. We had an extra ticket so invite Orkida, a friend of Michael’s from Prague who is now at UCL for a few months working on her PhD. We first met up for dinner together, before heading to the Drill Hall, which was the venue for the night (and as luck would have it just round the corner from my department).

When we arrived at the venue, we were given a numbered sticker each and our ticket bar codes scanned – all very official! We then entered (into what was undoubtedly a very smelly room on account of the large number of people crammed into it) and waited…and waited…and waited…7:15pm!…no more waiting…in we went!

Michael grabbed the three seats in the front row closest to the door, and we waited eagerly for the next 15mins to go by…the recording was to start at 7:30 :).

William and Greg came out and warmed the audience up a bit, before inviting onto the stage their other 2 ‘extras’ (who were used to make more voices and people in the sketches). And then off they went!

From all the laughs it was pretty clear that the audience was having a good time. It took me a while to get into it as much as the people around me seemed to be into it, but I soon relaxed and was laughing my head off with the rest of them. I think the sketches were funny though maybe not immediately obviously so (at least to a stand-up dunce as me!)…even though there were a few involving Living in Sweden which I just didn’t get…did I miss the reference? or what?

Anyways, a very delightful evening! It wasn’t too long (wished there was more than the hour or so we were in there), but alas that was the show.

Wanted to leave you with the poster for the show 🙂

William and Greg - Wireless


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