Posted by: annmucc | April 10, 2010

Cycling in Tweeds

Who would have thought that the idea would be well taken to? But it definitely was! Today’s Tweed run was in fact booked in less than an hour from registration opening back in January!

The Tweed Run

Michael only heard about this this week, so of course he couldn’t take part. However, being the avid cyclists he is, and spotting the chance for a couple of good photos, he was still eager to go. So this morning saw us make our way to Kensington Gardens where their facebook page said was one of the best places to see them. Hmm…one problem…but WHERE in Kensington Gardens?

Anyways, Michael and I arrived a bit earlier than their ETA. As the day was nice – great actually – we had prepared ourselves with a picnic (mmm…pitta bread filled with a mixture of tuna, tomatoes, cucumber and feta) so we settled down next to the Round Pond to eat, read and relax. As the time started approaching we started thinking about where we should go to see them best. We opted to hurry over next to the Serpentine Gallery as we thought that they would pass from Exhibition Road/The Ring, and that spot covered the three main bike-accessible roads to this main road. We waited, and waited, but thought the time they should have arrived there has arrived and gone, we still hadn’t spotted time.

We were starting to get a bit edgy, when all of a sudden I spotted the huge mass of cyclist at Queen’s Gate…but they weren’t coming up our way but going straight towards the Albert Memorial! So Michael cycled (he had come by bike) while I ran to get to the memorial to watch the bikers…and oh what a sight! 400 cyclists in tweed and ‘proper attire’. Such a sight for sore eyes (or any eyes! :)). We watched them go by before Michael and I went our separate ways as he had to bike home while I was on the bus.

Father and Daughter 🙂

A Tweedy Guy!

The one disappointing thing about the whole thins however must be that as Michael was cycling home he came across the tweed run cyclist having their ‘tea break’ in Kensington gardens, with live music, coffee and cake…boohoo! Luckily at least Michael took some photos for me to enjoy and you to share 🙂

Check her Out!

The Group next to the picnic area

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