Posted by: annmucc | April 11, 2010

Tangoing off to Nowhere

A few days ago a guy posted a message on the London couchsurfing listings about a free tango class today. I put the event in the calendar, and managed to convince Michael to go (maybe with me trying to guilt-trip him a bit that he took me out to a cycle event yesterday? ;)).

This afternoon saw us making our way towards Covent Garden near where the class was to be held. We arrive at the location some minutes early and descended into the club where the class was to be held. On arrival we were greeted by the teacher and we relaxed a bit for the remaining minutes.

The class consisted of us first walking along in rhythm to the music around the room, then walking in pairs, followed by more ‘complex’ rectangle-making steps, and finally some less structured movement, where the woman had to follow the man (not an easy thing for moi ;)).

I started off partnering Michael. However, after the first partnering exercise, we were encouraged to change partners, which we did. I must admit I am not too sorry about that, since none of us was very good of course, and we risked getting on each other’s nerves when ‘criticising’ the other (or maybe that was more me to Michael :P…he never comments). After Michael I partnered a Swede there for the first time, then a Canadian also there the first time, then some Latin American (who was rubbish at leading), and finally John Paul, an English guy, who had been there some 6 times and was very good at leading, which was great :D. The last exercise I got back with Michael, who I must admit was the best leader of the bunch besides John Paul…so kudos to him :).

After the class the group who had gone there via couchsurfing all gathered at a table and talked. That was probably one of the best moments of the afternoon :). The group was interesting and we immediately got down to talking :). The class? I am not too sure. Besides the fact that I am quite rubbish, it went a bit too slow for me I guess…but oh well…that means we can cut it off our list of things to do πŸ˜€

Dear Lord...



  1. Sounds like you went to The Tango Club if it was in Covent Garden or the Langley. I am sorry that you feel that you should take Tango off of your things to do because the class was too slow. In fact, it was probably just right. You can’t learn Tango in an hour, day, or weekend. You can learn the basics quite quickly, the rest is practice and that takes patience and time if you want to be able to do it well.
    The rubbish guy you danced with might still make a very good Tango dancer if he only just started. No one is good from the beginning unless one has a fair amount of dance background behind them.
    I would urge that you give it another try, unless you really don’t like the music. There is no point in learning a dance style if you don’t like the music.
    If you want to see the real deal, please look at my calendar for some events near you as some venues only charge a small entrance fee for non-dancers.

    • Hi Arlene,
      It wasn’t the class which was too slow! I couldn’t have managed more things in an hour if my life depended on it! The dance was not the kind of thing I enjoy I guess – and it was slow in that sense of keeping my interest. That was what I meant by the comment that the class was too slow – I guess I should have explained that better! If anyone wants to learn tango though the teacher very clearly explained what to do and gave us things to visualise…tango just doesn’t seem to be my style πŸ™‚ – good to try once though!

  2. Ha, that clears thing up! Tango isn’t for everyone and it’s good to try new things. I hope you find something that you really like.

    Though if you are in the Holborn/Farringdon area on the weekend and want to just be a voyeur….it’s cheap entertainment. I am usually amused! πŸ™‚

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