Posted by: annmucc | April 17, 2010

Travel Woes!

Two things are exasperating me right now I think!

The first is the lack of common sense and/or preparedness for stuff by people. I mean, how could you in this week’s situation be highly surprised f your flight has been cancelled? I mean – If you haven’t read about the volcano eruption and the resultant ash cloud, you definitely should do something to keep up with current news…and if you actually had and for some reason thought that your flight would not be affected I would say – Get a grip on yourself!

Spread Calculation for 17 April 2010, at. 15

The same as with buying tickets…I  constantly feel hysterical when someone comes up to me feeling highly surprised that the tickets for e.g. a flight or train or bus has increased from when they checked a week or more ago…especially when I would have already warned them about the possibility.

What’s wrong with you people? Get a grip on yourselves!

OK – enough exasperation about others, and some whining about me…I should be flying to France on Tuesday for a conference. However as things appear right now, it doesn’t seem like that will happen. The UK Timesonline has quoted the UK Met office as saying that southern areas were likely to remain affected until at least the middle of next week as the ash cloud moved over Britain at the “speed of a car in heavy traffic”. So right now I don’t have much hope. You might be saying…you are complaining about this…isn’t this hypocritical? I would say no! I am not happy about the situation…but I will not appear all surprised if that is what happens! I do have a grip on myself and don’t expect wonders for MY flight (just because I am on it :P)…or at least I so like to believe ;). If the flight works…than all well and good :).

PS: Uhh! I just realised that I have had visitors from Iceland…could it have been the volcano visiting? 😉



  1. You could always take the train. 🙂

  2. Well – it’s not up to me…The university is paying and I am travelling with my supervisor, so luckily I can leave everything in his hands 😉 (yeah – easy way out hehe)

  3. LAZY!!…visitors from Iceland??? :S…LOL…they managed to get a plane 😛

  4. Pff – visitors on the BLOG! They don’t need a plane…just an internet connection 😛

  5. 😦 😦 Though they were another kind of visitor haha

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