Posted by: annmucc | April 18, 2010

It’s a Beautiful Life

The sun is shining…the weather is sweet…make you want to move…

And that’s exactly what yesterday was all about!

The morning got off to a slow start, with a bit of lazing at home (and Michael working :P). Then, we made pizza and were eating the lovely thing, when I received an e-mail from the freecycle group that someone was offering up a bike. Oh WOW! My bike is not exactly good for long distances, but I have been eager to change it up for a while. I e-mailed back if it was still available and where the person was located…still available and she was in Willesden Green, around 15mins walk away. Oh great! Can we come and pick it up now? Definitely! So off we went.

When I saw the bike I did fall in love with it a bit more than I have with other bikes…it is not too high for me, has sufficient gear, and Michael is also on hand to fix it up for me…woohoo!

Before going to pick up the bike we had been talking about a siesta. As we saw the great weather Michael suggested a siesta in the park…Great! So off we went…and I got a good nap on green grass in the sun…wonderful!

After around an hour and a half there however we had to go back home as in the evening we were invited for a party at Orkida’s, who lives in Teddington (I also found a blog all about Teddington…check it out!). So we got washed and changed and off we went.

First off was finding food though. Michael had found a place for food, but unfortunately we couldn’t locate it when we were there, so we had to find another place. Choice fell on the pub The Adelaide. We went in with bated breathe at what the prices might be, considering the posh area we were in. However, we opened the menu and were surprised! Everything was decently priced. We both settled on a burger though, and weren’t disappointed. Definitely somewhere to try if you’re in the area and looking for a cheapish but good and filling meal.

From there we then walked back to the station where we were to meet Orkida, who took us to her home to the party her landlord was throwing. It was a quite small party (around 15 people I think) drinking wine and snacking on crisps and peanuts. I didn’t know anyone there (except Orkida), but it was a pleasant time talking with the people from a variety of occupations. Unfortunately we had to leave after around 2 hours to get the train back home. Otherwise I really enjoyed it!

Actually – I enjoyed the whole day! But how could I not then? The sun was shining brightly :D.

Ahh – and the title? This is one of the songs which always puts a smile on my face…hope it does to you too!



  1. the song sucks. haha 🙂

  2. hehe – I didn’t say it was the best song – just that it makes me smile – weeeee!

  3. Yeah great weekend. And I would also opt for the second song you quoted.

  4. Yeps – that’s where the first line of the post came from 😀

  5. […] cooked – mmm ), we went off for a short bike ride in the area. I have just got a new (used) bike which Michael has also looked at and mended a bit. This was the first time out with it after the […]

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